UPDATE: Suspected cop shooter taken into custody after standoff

By: Scott Thomas Anderson, Philip Wood and Sena Christian
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The Press Tribune had the first reporters on-scene at the shooting and worked with News Talk KFBK to provide live updates from the field for the greater Sacramento region. 

An armada of flashing lights descended on Roseville Friday afternoon, responding to a gunfight between law enforcement and an alleged parolee-at-large. The suspect, 32-year-old Sammy Duran, allegedly shot a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer before causing five Roseville police officers to be hurt in a separate gun exchanges.  

At 12:30 a.m., Duran's long, tense standoff ended with him being taken into custody.

Duran had been wanted for weeks by parole authorities. When ICE and Roseville police attempted to arrest him Friday — around 3:05 p.m. —  Duran reportedly engaged in gunfire and shot the ICE officer in the leg. The officers backed out at that point and a perimeter was established. Duran reportedly jumped fences in the area as a manhunt began that included Roseville and Rocklin officers, along with Sacramento law enforcement, Placer County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Marshals. 

“The reason the officers were there was not to look for the suspect they encountered,” Roseville Police Lt. Cal Walstad said in a press conference Saturday afternoon, adding the ICE agent was working with a crime suppression unit as a gang expert. “They were there on a different operation to check with some of the apartment buildings in the area. They saw the suspect, knew that he was a wanted parolee, he was riding a bicycle, and at that time one of the officers exited their vehicle and went after the man on foot.”

The other two officers turned around and chased the suspect as he was riding his bicycle, Walstad said. At that time, shots were exchanged and the ICE agent was shot as he chased the suspect on foot.

The ICE agent was transported by a Roseville police officer to the hospital, and shortly thereafter the suspect was spotted in the area of 6th and Windsor. Walstad said at that point more shots were exchanged. Duran was then reportedly went inside a house in the 600 block of Windsor that was occupied at the time by a mother, a father and their small child. The family reports they barely escaped.

As SWAT officers surrounded the house, Walstad said, the suspect shot through a wall and an open window at the officers, which is when the officers were injured.

Police Chief Daniel Hahn said Saturday afternoon that five Roseville officers were hurt in the manhunt and standoff. Four officers were hit with shrapnel, Hahn said, and one officer was hit by a bullet. The officer who was shot remained in the hospital as of Saturday afternoon in serious condition.

Hahn added that the suspect, who he said has a long history of violence, had run from officers a few days before the shooting.

“He’s well-known,” Hahn said. “He’s a validated gang member that our officers have been dealing with for many years.”

Hahn also dispelled rumors that the ICE agent was shot by Roseville police or himself.

Law enforcement officers tightened their circle around the house that Duran was pinned down in.Sacramento sheriff's helicopters used body heat scanners to help determine exactly where Duran was hiding.

Police continued to encircle the house. At 7:07, another round of gunfire was exchanged between Duran and officers.  

Duran's friends at the scene have said Duran was wounded, based on calls he's made from the home. Duran was later heard moaning by officers who were positioned near the house.

The owner of the home, who did not wish to be named, told the Press Tribune he and his family just barely got out of the house safely, and added that he does not know Duran, who he described as "just some random psychopath" who came into his home.

Walstad reported that the hostage negotiation had been in contact with Duran, though for some time he'd  broken off communications.

“In these types of situations, it’s better to just wait and talk,” Walstad said.

A robot was sent into the house to take a look around.

Around midnight, Duran reportedly started talking to police again. At 12:30 a.m., he surrendered himself without further violence. He had scrapes to his face and a gunshot wound in his hand.

Residents of 6th Street and Dudley Street told the Press Tribune the Duran family is "well-known" in the neighborhood. Family friends claim the Durans are "a fourth-generation" Roseville family.  

The city had five schools on lockdown: St. Rose, St. Albans, Cirby Elementary, Joyland Preschool and Maidu Elementary. Displaced residents who had been placed on lockdown were temporarily transported to the Maidu Community Center.

“We really want the citizens to realize that we are doing our best work, and ask for their patience with the crime scene investigators as they gather all the evidence they need in this case,” Walstad said at the time. 

The ICE agent is expected to make a full recovery.