To everyone who has helped our family

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My husband David and I knew when we moved to Roseville in 1993 this would be a great community for raising a family. The town has doubled in population over the last 15 years, and one might suspect the sense of community would have become diluted. Last Saturday proved that suspicion wrong. Our family has been through an extremely difficult year due to our daughter’s illness. The prayers, love and support from family and friends has truly been overwhelming. However, as the medical worries receded, financial concerns have become a reality. The love from our community went over the top when our friend Louise Hickman organized a car wash to help us make ends meet. The people poured into the Oakmont High School parking lot to wash, dry, get a wash or just visit and donate. There were supporters from Oakmont High School Parent Club, the OHS varsity soccer team (Mr. John pushes a mean wet broom!), OHS Interact Club and the OHS Health Academy who came and donated equipment, supplies and hands to wash and dry. There were people from the hospital where our daughter spent most of this last year, including her gastroenterologist. People from our church came, some from as far away as Auburn. Roseville Sugar Bears head coach Jordan came out, retired teachers who taught our daughter her second and third grade year came. Whole families, friends and neighbors came by to get a car wash and ended up joining the workers. A classmate of my son, William Jefferies, who has been battling leukemia for the last two years, was our master sign shaker on the sidewalk. People who read about the event in The Press-Tribune, people we may never see again, came to support our family. There were many surprise visits; even now I get teary-eyed when I consider the generosity we saw that day. The flow of cars was basically non-stop from 8 a.m. to 3 .pm. We are here to glue each other back together when our hearts are broken, or our lives fall apart. You guys are super glue. And now you are stuck with me forever. The words “thank you” feel so inadequate to me. Our language really needs a superlative for “thanks.” LaRae Bustamante and family, Roseville