Reader Input: Police doing nothing

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This is a copy of the letter I sent tonight to the Roseville City Council about the behavior of the Roseville Police Department this week toward peaceful protesters at Rep. McClintock's office:

I was horrified to see a TV news story this week showing your police doing nothing to protect a group of elderly peaceful protesters from constant in-your-face insults, physical threats and harassment — none of which are free speech — by young right-wing white men near Rep. McClintock's office.

At least the police could have moved the parties apart. Were the police waiting for the men to start hitting the women? Were the police allowing the men to continue because they favor Mr. McClintock's re-election also? It looked like the police hands-off treatment of the KKK, who were allowed to attack civil rights workers in the South when I was growing up in the '50s.
What do you plan to do to make peaceful protest tolerable in your city? As it is, it's an embarrassment to Roseville.  Please act.  Thank you.

Sherrill Futrell, Davis