Willard Ford: Harrison Ford’s Second Son, Brother to Chef Benjamin, with Three Half-Siblings from His Father’s Two Remarriages

PersonalityWillard Ford: Harrison Ford's Second Son, Brother to Chef Benjamin, with Three Half-Siblings from His Father's Two Remarriages

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the son of a Hollywood royalty? Meet Willard Ford, the son of none other than Indiana Jones himself!

Having Harrison Ford as your pop might seem like the ultimate claim to fame. But for this go-getter, riding on his iconic father’s name was never an option.

Find out how Willard Ford has managed to step out of his dad’s colossal shadow and into the spotlight on his terms!

Willard Ford’s Early Life and Education

Willard Ford

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Born May 14, 1969, Willard Ford is Harrison Ford’s second son with his first wife, Mary Marquardt. His older brother, Benjamin, is a renowned chef and restaurateur. After his parents divorced, his father remarried twice, resulting in three half-siblings.

You’d probably expect the son of a mega movie star to be raised in the lap of luxury— chauffeured to private school and hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite from day one.

But the Fords seemed intent on giving Willard and his sibs a much more low-key childhood. Instead of some LA prep academy, young Willard attended the Highland Hall Waldorf School.

After high school, Willard bounced from San Francisco State University to UC Santa Cruz, where he majored in American Studies. After getting his undergraduate degrees, he dropped out of a graduate program to take care of family matters.

Willard Ford’s Career

When your dad is Harrison Ford, the natural assumption is that you’d follow in his footsteps and make a name (and millions!) in Hollywood.

Willard Ford had other plans! But before he dabbled in business, he had a series of eclectic jobs—silk screener, bike mechanic, teacher, program officer, and briefly a real estate developer.

Below are some of Willard’s most successful ventures:

1. Strong Sports Gym

Willard Ford

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Fitness and sports have been lifelong passions for Willard. Growing up, he trained in different types of martial arts, including Judo, Karate, and Kung Fu. He also took kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu when he moved to LA.

So, it’s no shocker that one of his first of many early business ventures revolved around channeling that deep-rooted drive for physical mastery. I’m talking about Strong Sports Gym, Willard’s elite training playground that he founded and ran as the head coach.

At one point, the gym was the prime base of operations for his other four businesses (more on that later).

Initially, he had to sublet parts of the building to cover the mortgage payments early on. But as his businesses took off, he was able to take over the property.

The private sports club offers training in the following disciplines:

  • Boxing
  • Endurance sports
  • Weightlifting
  • Wrestling
  • Mixed martial arts

2. VeloAsia

Willard Ford

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Willard Ford was born with adventure coursing through his veins. Even as a kid, he was deeply into competitive cycling.

This wasn’t just a fleeting interest; he stayed committed to it until he established his cycling team. He coached up-and-coming riders, some of whom won state and national championships.

He then co-founded VeloAsia, an adventure tour organizer in Vietnam.

As if he wasn’t busy enough, Willard is also a proud bicycle tour guide for VeloPura, a global cycling operator. He plans and leads bike tours to some of the most incredible trails in Mexico, France, and Southeast Asia.

3. TheSuperFred.com

You can find Willard tinkering with vintage and custom bike builds when he’s not leading cycling trips worldwide. He’s particularly partial to those classic Landshark frames, tweaking and upgrading them into sleek new versions.

In 2020, Willard co-founded TheSuperFred.com, putting his money where his mouth is. The company at his gym offers pro-cycling training, turning ordinary Freds into Super Freds! They also sell bike parts, accessories, and other merchandise.

4. Ford & Ching

Willard Ford

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In 2005, Willard partnered with his longtime friend John Brady to start Ford/Brady (later Ford & Ching). The company started as more of a typical furniture showroom for imported home decor and accessories.

As the economy shifted, he pivoted Ford & Ching into more of an agency model. Instead of housing inventory, they represented designers and brands, connecting them to retailers and other showrooms looking to buy.

5. 722 Figueroa

Willard started 722 Figueora, a clothing company, at the same time as his furniture store.

The brand was a sister showroom space to Ford & Ching. It wasn’t long before he turned 722 Figueroa into a vibrant cultural hotspot, hosting photography exhibits and documentary-style short films under the brand.

6. Kim Sing Theater

Kim Sing Theater

In 2000, Willard bought the rundown Kim Sing Theater building in LA’s Chinatown for $300,000. Most people would look at this fallen relic and see a tear-down candidate.

But not Willard.

He gutted the 1926 vaudeville theater, save for the original neon marquee and bow trusses. He flipped the property into a live/work space and sold it for $3 million in 2016.

What Is Willard Ford’s Net Worth?

Harrison Ford

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Unlike his dad, whose $300 million net worth is plastered all over the internet, Willard plays his wealth much closer to the vest.

But what I do know is this: Willard has been grinding away on various businesses for decades.

Willard may never boast the same bank balance as his dad, but I’d bet good money he’s still sitting on a decent nest egg by now. Enough to live comfortably and continue pursuing all those passion projects and creative outlets he loves.

How Is Willard Ford’s Relationship With His Famous Father, Harrison Ford?

Harrison Ford

Despite growing up somewhat separate from the Hollywood limelight, Willard seems to have a solid bond with his famous dad.

In interviews, Harrison has made it clear that even though he was knee-deep in blockbuster stardom, he still tried his best to remain steady in his kids’ lives.

Final Thoughts

That wraps up the fantastic life story of Willard Ford, proving he’s more than just a famous last name.

While his dad was off being a world-famous movie star, Willard built a constellation of business pursuits.

This fit-preneur doesn’t just talk the talk—he pedals the walk, one insane ride at a time! So, may this remind you to write your script and make your successful ending.

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