Understanding the Stages of Heroin Rehab: A Guide for Recovery

HealthUnderstanding the Stages of Heroin Rehab: A Guide for Recovery

Addiction has a powerful grip.

Heroin addiction is not a mere bad habit, it’s a way many Americans cope with the pain and stress of daily life. Recent studies show that approximately 1 million people struggle with heroin use disorder. Finding out that your loved one is one of those people is absolutely devastating.

Your loved one doesn’t have to live their whole life subject to the hardships of addiction. Heroin rehab is a powerful way to ensure that someone has the skills to live a longer, happier life. Read on to learn what heroin addiction treatment looks like!


It’s no secret that detox is one of the most intense and difficult steps of addiction recovery. This is especially true for drugs like heroin.

Common detox symptoms include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Increased blood pressure and breathing rate
  • Rapid pulse

Heroin withdrawal begins about 8 hours after the last dose and lasts 3 to 10 days. The length of the withdrawal process depends on several factors, including how long someone has been using and how much they were using.

Many rehab facilities utilize medical supervision during the withdrawal process. This helps protect patients if they have severe withdrawal symptoms, and makes the process more tolerable.


Once a patient completes detox, they join the rest of the rehab patients for the remainder of the steps of the rehabilitation process. Depending on the treatment facility you choose, this may be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

The goal of this step in the recovery journey is to help the patient heal from what caused the addiction to begin with. Expect intensive solo and group therapy sessions during this stage.

Many people experience strong emotions as they move through old wounds and learn to sit with discomfort rather than placate it.

Once the patient has done the work necessary to heal, they can begin putting their new skills to work.

Relapse Prevention

Facilities like this rehab facility in Bremerton WA offer patients the opportunity to build the skills they need to stay sober once they’re on their own.

They may be encouraged to find new routines that avoid former situational triggers. They may also learn things like grounding exercises when they accidentally find themselves triggered.

They also offer continued care for patients. One of the most common offerings is an ongoing support group. Patients are also encouraged to find support through groups like Narcotics Anonymous.

Are You Ready for Heroin Rehab? 

Getting out of the grip of addiction might seem like a monumental task, but many people do it year after year.

Seeking the expert care found at heroin rehab ensures your loved one safely detoxes and is prepared to handle life after they get out. Don’t wait for a crisis; get them the help they need now.

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