TOP 5 Immigrant-Friendly Countries with Investment Programs

InvestmentTOP 5 Immigrant-Friendly Countries with Investment Programs

Projects for moving to another country have been in demand for years. People are looking for alternative options every day to start their lives with a clean slate or to improve their situation. There are many options for relocation.

One of them includes immigration through investment. The desire to find a place where there will be all conditions for favorable living, business, and education of children is justified by several factors. One of them is the friendly attitude of certain countries to foreigners.

We will tell you about the top 5 best immigration countries in this article. It is here that applicants can, at the first stage, acquire temporary special status with further citizenship by investment. The choice is up to the program participants.

TOP 1: Cyprus

The advantages of this country include: a loyal tax system, accessible education in EU countries, new economic ties and international universities, which are recognized as leading countries in the world.

All these benefits can be enjoyed by those who have decided in favor of investing capital and obtaining a “Golden Visa” in Cyprus. There is the following options:

  • acquisition of a residential property in the amount of 500 thousand euros;
  • creating a business or purchasing an existing one;
  • combined investments in various funds.

Cyprus is a unique place, famous for its beaches on the coast and vineyards in the hilly interior of the island.

The Cypriot government offers owners of impressive assets to contribute to the country’s economy, and in return get a long-awaited document that will indicate the legality of their location near the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

TOP 2: Portugal

The program has acceptable processing times, where the project participant waits up to 19 months from the date of application.

The advantages of moving to Portugal include: a simplified system of entry into other countries, the best educational system, medicine at the international level, etc.

After an average of 10 years, asset owners can enjoy tax benefits and favorable conditions for immigrants whose contributions contribute to the development of the state.

To become the owner of the coveted Portuguese gold certificate, you should choose one of the following options:

  • acquisition of land shares for half a million euros;
  • investment in research activities from 500 thousand euros;
  • financing of 250 thousand euros to support the preservation of the country’s cultural heritage;
  • purchase of real estate;
  • conducting commercial activities with the creation of at least 10 jobs.

The colorful western country, which is located on the Atlantic coast, attracts many investors.

You can easily immigrate to Portugal with second citizenship, and you don’t have to worry about the system denying your participation.

TOP 3: Malta

Participants in the state project can confidently submit an application, because after that they will receive: an affordable tax program, world-class medical services, free educational institutions for children and much more.

Investors get the chance to gain special status by making a choice of the following investments:

  • payment of a state fee in the amount of 30 thousand euros;
  • purchase of real estate in the amount of 320 thousand euros or rental of an object worth 10-12 thousand euros/year;
  • financing into the country’s economy or purchasing bonds at the state level (250 thousand euros).

The main conditions for participation in the program: to be an adult, to have a document confirming the legal ownership of assets, the absence of a criminal record and the presence of a regular income.

The state, which consists of an archipelago between Italy and Libya, annually attracts thousands of foreigners to apply for the program and eventually become the holder of “strong” status.

TOP 4: Spain

The advantages of this project include: automatic participation of all family members, receipt of a resident card within 2.5 months, access to unlimited travel, medicine and new projects in the business space on loyal terms.

In order to obtain the coveted residence permit, you can choose one of the proposed options, namely:

  • business financing;
  • acquisition of residential or commercial real estate;
  • creating a deposit in a Spanish bank;
  • purchase of government bonds.

The country that preserves the legacy of Antoni Gaudi has a comfortable climate and favorable living conditions.

Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula, which makes it possible for foreigners not only to immigrate here to conduct profitable business activities but also to have the opportunity to relax all year round.

Wealthy people relocate from US, post-Soviet countries, Australia, India, China, etc.

TOP 5: Greece

After approval of the application and other formalities, you can: travel, be served in the best medical clinics, receive a scholarship and benefits, have access to the labor market.

According to the expert opinion of Immigrant Invest agent Vladlena Baranova, it is possible to obtain that very special status in Greece in several ways:

  • creating a deposit in a Greek bank;
  • purchase of securities and shares;
  • investment in established or existing commercial activities;
  • acquisition of an object of any type.

This is one of the best options to move to a European country legally. The minimum cost of real estate in this country is 250 thousand euros, and the mandatory state tax is 500 euros.

The government program from Greece is distinguished by its ease of application for participation in an investment project.

Bottom Line

In times of global crisis or forced mobility of the population, second citizenship and permanent residence in a particular country are valuable assets.

The main differences between programs for obtaining a residence permit in immigrant-friendly countries are terms of approval, cost, and conditions.

The Immigrant Invest company will find the top option that will meet the applicant’s needs at all project participation stages.

Cooperation with specialists is the best solution. By contacting a professional agency, you have the opportunity to save time and money.

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