Top 3 Dash Cams that Can Help You Avoid Vehicle Insurance Scams

AutoTop 3 Dash Cams that Can Help You Avoid Vehicle Insurance Scams

It’s more vital than ever to safeguard yourself from insurance swindles. This type of crime is increasingly becoming popular. It costs vehicle owners billions of dollars yearly. Want to safeguard yourself from these scams? What should you do?

There is one solution to this problem. That is none other than installing a dashcam in your vehicle. If an accident occurs, a dashcam can help you document potential cases of insurance scams. That means you can easily prove your case and receive the settlement you rightfully deserve.

This article explores the world of dashcams to provide you with the top three dashboard cameras designed to help you avoid or deal with insurance fraud. Read further to learn more about these unique safety tools.

Nexar Pro

Nexar Pro is a fine dual-cam solution for vehicle owners who need in-car security and protection against insurance fraud. While this dashcam is ideal for high-mileage motorists, it can work perfectly for any driver who wants to deal with insurance scams.

Its 1080p video is good quality and backed up by GPS data. The Nexar Pro mobile app, on the other hand, contains a range of neat tricks.

Also, the cloud storage feature makes the bundle top value. Its user interface is friendly, not to mention the dash cam’s advanced driver-assistance systems, collision alerts, and lane departure warnings.

Nexar Pro can help you clearly capture various types of vehicle insurance scams, including bandit tow trucks, jump-in passengers, staged accidents, exaggerated damage and injuries, and fraudulent car repairs.


  • Security both out and inside
  • Free cloud storage backup
  • Crystal clear footage


  • Puts strain on your smartphone’s battery

Vantrue E1

Vantrue E1 is neat and relatively compact. It’s an attractive dashcam. Vantrue E1 can capture a 2.5K video at 30fps. Also, it can record full HD footage at 60fps for advanced detail while you drive your vehicle.

Vantrue E1’s performance is sharp both at night and during the day, with acceptable noise in low light and accurate colors.

The dashcam’s optimal polarizing filter helps reduce dashboard reflections. The 160-degree angle allows the camera to capture a wide view of what is ahead. Vantrue E1’s magnetic mount works perfectly.

However, the absence of sideways adjustment limits its use if you cannot manage to install it centrally.

The tiny 1.54-inch screen provides a preview when fitting the camera but the mobile app is the most useful way to twist settings. Vantrue E1 comes with GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. The most important aspect is that its developer concentrated on high-quality video over unnecessary extras.

This allows the dashcam to capture crystal-clear videos and images, which can help you collect enough evidence if an incident occurs. You can use this evidence to avoid insurance scams.


  • Good quality video
  • GPS that helps unlock useful speed and location data
  • 160-degree angle captures a wide view of the road ahead


  • It’s almost difficult to set the dashcam centrally

Thinkware X1000

Thinkware X1000 is capable yet accessible. It comes bundled with everything you require to prove the laxity of other parties on the road to avoid insurance scams.

The dashcam needs to be hardwired in order to unlock a full range of features. These features include parking surveillance, as well as GPS and radar detection, which need optional accessories.

After installation, the Thinkware X1000 unit feels nicely put together. One of its key attributes is ease of use. It has a large 3.5-inch touchscreen. Also, it has an icon-based interface.

It’s straightforward to configure, and there is no need to depend on a mobile application. Capture settings can be easily tweaked through the touchscreen. However, it works perfectly out of the box.

The outcome from the camera is impressive, with a lot of crisp detail and an excellent dynamic range, even in dark and dim conditions. Are you after a reliable and stress-free dashcam that can safeguard you from insurance scams? The Thinkware X1000 gets everything right.


  • Two cameras in the box allow you to capture inside and outside video
  • Works without the need for a supplementary application
  • Great touchscreen, 1440p video quality, and 156-degree viewing angle


  • Hardwiring requires a lot of care


Dashcams serve as an important tool in safeguarding yourself against vehicle insurance scams. They allow you to capture unbiased, crystal-clear, and reliable video evidence.

Dashcams offer an undisputable account of events, allowing you to sidestep fraudulent claims, potentially saving you from financial losses. Is it a staged accident? A hit-and-run? Or false injury claims? A dashcam can be one of your strongest defenses against insurance scams.

Whether it’s Nexar Pro, Vantrue E1, or Thinkware X1000, invest in a high-quality dashcam. You’ll enjoy the perks that come with knowing you’ve got a reliable witness on your side.

Do not fall victim to vehicle insurance scams. Empower yourself with a dashboard camera and stay a step further ahead of fraudsters.

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