Skyelene Montgomery: Pageant Winner to ICU Nurse and Second Wife of NFL’s Sean Payton

PersonalitySkyelene Montgomery: Pageant Winner to ICU Nurse and Second Wife of NFL's Sean Payton

Sean Payton is a famous American football coach and a former NFL quarterback. He turned to coaching in 1988 and has since coached popular teams such as Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

Payton’s impressive resume as a football coach for some of America’s top teams caused the public to take an interest in his personal life. Like most celebrities, this includes his love life.

Today, I’m sharing insider information about Sean Payton’s wife, Skylene Montgomery, so you can better understand the couple’s story.

Who Is Skylene Montgomery?

Skylene Montgomery has recently attracted the attention of many football fanatics and celebrity news enthusiasts thanks to her union with Sean Payton in holy matrimony.

Sean Payton was a football player in the 1980s, but his shining career started when he retired from playing and took to coaching instead. His first coaching job was with the San Diego State University in 1988.

He continued his work as a coach until 2021. During those 30+ years, he coached a few high-profile US football teams, including New Orleans Saints and New York Giants.

He announced he was going to retire in 2021, but he came out of retirement in 2023 to coach the Denver Broncos.

Although the fame status that Skylene Montgomery acquired as a result of her marriage was massive, she’s no stranger to the spotlight.

Skylene entered the Miss Teen Virginia pageant and won the runner-up spot when she was 14 years old. In 2008, she competed in the Miss West Virginia pageant and finished with the crown.

She also went on to represent West Virginia in 2008’s Miss USA pageant. Despite not winning the title, her participation was memorable.

Skylene Montgomery

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How Old Is Skylene Montgomery?

As of 2023, Skylene Montgomery is 39 years old. She was born in Petersburg, West Virginia in 1984, precisely on the 4th of December.

Who Are Skylene Montgomery’s Parents?

Skylene’s father is Skylar Montgomery and her mother is Darlene Montgomery. If you were wondering how the parents came up with a unique name like Skylene, you can now see that it’s a combination of both of their names.

Skylene’s family was middle-class and she was quite into sports as she was growing up. Her mom was stay-at-home and her dad owned a garage door distribution company.

Does Skylene Montgomery Have Siblings?

No, Skylene is an only child. But that didn’t stop her from being very active during her earlier days.

She enjoyed team sports, especially excelling at volleyball and softball. She participated in and won various competitions in these two sports in highs chool and before going to college.

Does Skylene Montgomery Work?

Does Skylene Montgomery Work

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Besides her time modeling and doing beauty pageants, Skylene worked as a coach for the volleyball team of the Bayou Sports Club.

After completing her studies at Marshall University, which earned her a Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology, she studied nursing at West Virginia University and acquired a Master’s in nursing from New Orleans’s Loyola University. 

She currently works in Huntington at St. Mary’s Hospital. She is also greatly involved in charity endeavors.

How Did Skylene Montgomery And Sean Payton Meet?

Skylene and Sean met back in 2014 when a friend of Skylene’s accidentally gave her Sean’s number instead of a ticket to the Saints vs. Panthers game. It was set to take place in Charlotte, North Carolina; the same city Skylene was then working as a nurse.

The pair met shortly after and immediately hit it off. They went on to date for about 5 years before Sean proposed in 2019. It was November 8 at the celebration of the Saints owners’ 15th wedding anniversary.

The proposal was a surprise where Sean had flown Syklene’s parents to the venue and had Heidi Newfield sing his and Skylene’s couple anthem: Johnny and June. 

When Did Skylene Montgomery And Sean Payton Get Married?

When Did Skylene Montgomery And Sean Payton Get Married

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Skylene and Sean tied the knot in the Palmilla resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on June 18, 2021. The ceremony was beautiful and lavish with happiness overflowing the scene.

Does Skylene Montgomery Have Children?

Skylene and Sean are yet to have children together, but Sean has two children from his first marriage to ex-wife Beth Shuey. The couple divorced in 2012 after 20 years of a marriage that produced a daughter; Meghan, and a son; Connor.

Sean maintains a close relationship with his children and Skylene gets along very well with them as stepmom.

What Is Skylene Montgomery’s Net Worth?

While there are no official statements to consider, my research allows me to estimate the net worth of Skylene Montgomery to be around $1 to $3 million, mainly sourced from her nursing career.

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