Sandra Griner: WNBA Star’s Mother, Brittney’s Number One Supporter Through Coming Out

PersonalitySandra Griner: WNBA Star's Mother, Brittney's Number One Supporter Through Coming Out

If you’re remotely into women’s basketball, chances are you’ve heard of Brittney Griner – the rising star who successfully led the Phoenix Mercury team to a WNBA championship 2014.

More recently, however, Griner made the news for a less fortunate event: her imprisonment in Russia. While we brush on that in this post, our focus today is on Griner’s mother, Sandra Griner.

Stick around to learn more about the woman behind the spectacular 6′ 9″ basketball player!

Sandra Griner: A Quick Overview

WNBA Star Brittney Griner

Let’s start with a glance at Sandra Griner’s profile:

Full Name Sandra Griner
Age Unknown
Height 5′ 6″
Ethnicity Latina
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
PoB (Place of Birth) Houston, Texas
Sexual Orientation Straight/Heterosexual
Marital Status Married
Spouse Raymond Griner
Number of Kids Four (DeCarlo, Shkera, Pier, Brittney)
Profession Housewife/Homemaker

Sandra Griner: Early Life & Upbringing

Sandra Griner Early Life & Upbringing

Cheers to the Lone Star State! To all you Texans, you should know that Sandra Griner was not only born and raised in Houston, Texas but is also still living there! Her daughter, Brittney Griner, is the same as well.

We’re not surprised; Houston is the birthplace of many stars, including Beyonce, Kenny Rogers, JJ Watt, and more.

That said, not a lot is known about Sandra’s early life. We know her parents are still alive and well and reside in an elderly home. They come from humble beginnings, with little information published on them.

Additionally, we’ve found that Sandra finished her education at Kashmere High School in her hometown. We don’t believe she has a college degree, though.

Sandra Griner: Career & Aspirations

WNBA Star Brittney Griner

As far as our research tells us, Sandra had no career aspirations. When you think about it, her mother was a housewife – so it’s no surprise she ended up as one, too.

But rest assured, Sandra Griner makes for an incredible homemaker. On her socials, she flaunts her crochet and baking skills. Even more impressive are her hand-crafted items! 

It’s a shame that her accounts are private. Still, if you’re intrigued, check out Sandra Griner’s Instagram and her X account here.

Sandra Griner: Marriage & Kids

Sandra Griner

Image source: Google

It seems that Sandra Griner married pretty young – although the date of her getting hitched to the notable Raymond Griner is unknown. Even either of their ages isn’t public knowledge.

Let’s focus on Griner’s husband for now. Raymond is a former ex-marine soldier. He also served his country in the Vietnam War between 1968 and 1969. 

Since he’s a military veteran, it makes sense that he took on a career as a Harris County Deputy Sheriff—and for over three decades now!

Our sources tell us that the couple still leads a happy marriage. Being a biracial family, you can imagine how much culture Brittney Griner and her siblings were exposed to growing up.

How Sandra Griner Has Supported WNBA Star Brittney Griner?

WNBA Star Brittney Griner

We can confirm that Sandra Griner was, and still is, a wonderful mother to her four kids. She has three daughters (Brittney, Shkera, and Pier) and just one son (DeCarlo).

How do we know that she’s a great mother, you ask? Brittney has mentioned several times that her mother is her close confidant and her number one supporter. 

And take this: Sandra also supported Brittney when she publicly came out as gay on February 11th, 2013. Her mother stood by her when she was discriminated against after the star made the announcement.

On the other hand, her father reportedly wasn’t as supportive of Brittney when she first came out. If anything, Brittney claimed that she used her mother’s support as protection from her father’s rejection. We’re glad he’s come around, though! 

Sandra’s support doesn’t stop there. When Brittney pleaded guilty to smuggling narcotics into Russia back in 2022, her mother was naturally worried.

While the family is currently coping with the setbacks this charge will do to her successful career, Sandra Griner was, at the time, more concerned about Brittney’s stay in a Russian prison – considering that she’s gay.

Luckily, America managed to do a swap and get our beloved basketball champion back on US soil! Watch a video of the exchange here.

Sandra Griner: Net Worth

Sandra Griner

Image source: Google

Sandra’s daughter may have a whopping net worth of $5 million, but her humble mother’s net worth is only 500,000 US dollars.

Sandra Griner: Wrap Up

There you have it – a detailed look into the life of the life of Sandra Griner, mother of Brittney Griner. 

Even though the WNBA star’s family and parents lead a relatively private life, from what we’ve uncovered about them, they love and support her quite a lot! 

Images source: Instagram

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