Liam Costner: Kevin Costner’s Son and Stepson to Billionaire Bill Koch, Who Faced a Paternity Test Demand by His Father

PersonalityLiam Costner: Kevin Costner's Son and Stepson to Billionaire Bill Koch, Who Faced a Paternity Test Demand by His Father

Kevin Costner is a world-renowned actor, thanks to his role in Dances With Wolves and other blockbusters. His son, Liam Costner, isn’t nearly as famous, though. Here’s what we know about Liam:

He’s one of the Kevin Costner’s 7 children. He hasn’t appeared in any movies and doesn’t intend to. The young Costner is making a splash in the world of real estate instead.

Read on to find out more about Liam Costner’s son and his early life, career, net worth, and social media presence.

Who Is Liam Costner?

Liam Costner

Image source: Instagram

Liam Costner is an accomplished real estate agent, but most people know him for being Kevin Costner’s son.

Liam hasn’t tried his hand at acting. He does have the looks for it, though!

Here are some basic facts about Liam Costner:

Full Name Liam Timothy Costner
Date of Birth November 15th, 1996
Parents Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney
Siblings Annie Costner, Lily Costner, Joe Costner,Cayden Wyatt Costner,Hayes Logan Costner,Grace Avery Costner
Age 27 years old
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Place of Birth United States
Nationality American
Ethnic Background Caucasian
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 137 pounds
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Blonde 
Eye Color Blue 
Relationship Status Single
No. of Children None
Profession Real Estate Agent
Educational Background University Graduate
Net Worth $1 million

Liam Costner’s Early Life


Annie Costner, Lily Costner, Joe Costner

Liam was born in November of 1996 to iconic Hollywood star, Kevin Costner, and his partner, Bridget Rooney.

Liam Costner experienced his parents’ separation as a child and grew up in a diverse, blended family.

He has six siblings: three older half-siblings, Annie, Lily, and Joseph, from his father’s first marriage, and three younger half-siblings, Cayden, Hayes, and Grace, from his father’s second marriage.

This is where things get interesting:

In 2002, People magazine reported that Kevin Costner doubted he was Liam’s father and requested a paternity test. DNA tests apparently confirmed Costner as Liam’s father.

Liam Costner’s Career


Cayden Costner,Hayes Costner,Grace Costner 

You’d expect the guy who shares Kevin Costner’s DNA to share his passion for acting. Well, think again!

Liam has made a name for himself in the world of real estate. He works for Frankel Bell Group, a real estate agency in Northern Palm Beach County. The young man has sold multiple super-expensive properties in Florida.

Liam Costner’s Personal Life

Nobody knows much about Liam Costner’s romantic life, and that’s because he wants it that way.

Yet, we’re sure that a young man with such dashing looks is getting looks from ladies left and right!

Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know when we get any juicy details about Liam’s love life.

Liam Costner’s Net Worth

Bill Koch

His mother with stepfatheBill Koch Image source: Google

Liam’s wealth has two sources.

The first is his real estate career, and the second is the money he’s inherited from his father and stepfather. Since his father’s net worth is $800 million, and his stepfather’s is $1.8 billion, Liam is rich…very rich.

Liam Costner’s Father

Kevin Costner

Image source: Google

Liam’s father, Kevin, needs no introduction.

He’s an award-winning actor who’s starred in some of the biggest movies ever. Dances With Wolves and The Bodyguard are only a couple of examples.

He’s now 68 years old and we’re excited to see him grace the big screen once again.

Liam Costner’s Social Media Presence

Liam Costner

Image source: Google

As we’ve mentioned, Liam isn’t one for telling us about his private life. We tried to find him on Instagram but had no luck. You’ll also come up empty if you look him up on Facebook or Twitter.


Starring in The Untouchables, No Way Out, and Dances With Wolves has made Kevin Costner a global household name. 

His son, Liam Costner, has chosen a different path, though. He’s blazing his own trail as a successful real estate agent.

Although Liam doesn’t broadcast his life to the public, we’ll do our best to update you on the latest news on the young man.

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