Kristi Branim Fox: Transformer Star Megan Fox’s Sister, Leading Beverly Hills High’s Counseling

PersonalityKristi Branim Fox: Transformer Star Megan Fox’s Sister, Leading Beverly Hills High’s Counseling

Kristi Branim Fox’s name gained a lot of popularity thanks to her sister, the renowned actress Megan Fox.

Nonetheless, she achieved great success in her career as a counselor and her role as a mother outside of Megain’s shadow.

Eager to learn more about Kristi? In this post, I’ll uncover the untold parts of the Megan Fox sister’s story. 

Kristi Branim Fox’s Early Life and Education

Megan Fox

Kristi Branim Fox was born in 1974 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Her mother is called Gloria Darlene, a real estate manager. Her father is Franklin Thomas Fox, a former parole officer. 

Kristi’s parents tied the knot in 1971, but their story was one of twists and turns! After years of marriage, the couple split up.

As you probably know, Kristi is the older and sole sister of the actress Megan Fox. They were raised together by their mother and stepfather, Tony Tonachio. 

After completing her basic education, Kristi pursued a degree in education and school counseling at Florida Atlantic University. 

By the end of her studies, she obtained a master’s degree in pupil personnel services. 

Kristi Fox was born in June 1974, so she turns 50 in June 2024. She’s 12 years older than her young sister Megan Fox, who turns 38 as of March 2024.

Kristi Branim Fox’s Career

Megan Fox

Like her sister, Kristi achieved wild success in her line of duty. Fox is an education counselor with over 15 years of experience, one of the best in her field.

She started her professional life as a career counselor at Mira High School. As she proved her proficiency, Kristi joined multiple East Coast high schools as a counseling director.

Meanwhile, she worked at Fort Pierce Central High as a guidance counselor. Currently, Kristi is the head of the counseling department at Beverly Hills High School.

Kristi Branim Fox’s Family

Kristi Branim Fox's Family

Megan Fox with her mother    Image source: Google

Fox met her former husband, Douglas Ray Brahim, in the early 1990s and married in 1995. He was working as a physical education teacher at that time.

After 23 years of marriage, the couple called it quits. Although multiple rumors claim Kristi has a daughter, she shares only two sons with her ex-husband.

In 2001, they had their first child, Kyler, who was a football player on the Notre Dame High School team until 2019.

Kristi’s second son was born in 2003, but, so far, we don’t know anything about him.

Kristi Fox’s Siblings

Kristi Fox's Siblings

Kristi Fox with Megan Fox      Image source: Google

Kristi has only one sibling you’re likely familiar with—the Transformers star Megan Fox.

Megan Denise Fox is a veteran American actress born in May 1986. She grew up with her sole sister, Kristi, in Rockwood.

The famous actress worked as a model when she was 13 and kept doing so for a while. Years later, her acting debut was in 2001’s family film Holiday in the Sun. 

This starting point prepared her for notable roles in more than 30 films, TV shows, video games, and music videos.

Although the two sisters have a considerable age difference, Megan and Kristi share a deep sibling bond. They’re also known to support each other unwaveringly. 

Kristi Branim Fox’s Net Worth

Megan Fox

After lots of research and a bit of poking around, I couldn’t find any accurate or official reports stating Kristi Branim Fox’s net worth.

However, multiple sources across the internet report that her fortune is estimated to be around $1 million.

Wrapping Up

Kristi Branim Fox is a top-notch educational counselor expert best known as the sister of the famous actress Megan Fox.

The two sisters grew up together with their mother and stepfather. They’ve always maintained a close relationship and kept supporting each other.

As for professional life, both left remarkable marks in their careers. Nonetheless, unlike her celeb sister, Kristi prefers to keep her private life entirely away from the limelight. 

She doesn’t even have any public social media accounts.

Images source: Instagram

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