Mastering the Korean Wolf Cut: Billie Eilish to Everyday Chic

EntertainmentMastering the Korean Wolf Cut: Billie Eilish to Everyday Chic

The Korean wolf cut gained notable popularity on TikTok and Instagram these past few months. With the famous Billie Eilish adopting that cut several times throughout her career, everyone is crazy about them now.

However, some might think they need a specific hairstyle to pull that cut off. I’m here to debunk that idea. In this post, I explore various Korean wolf cuts and how they match different hairstyles.

What’s a Korean Wolf Cut?

It’s hard to define a Korean wolf cut, as it doesn’t have a typical look. As the name suggests, it mimics the wild wolf look with wavy, shaggy layers of hair. What makes this cut unique, though, is the uneven hair strands.

While it doesn’t have a specific look, most Korean wolf cuts follow a signature pattern. The hair is usually shorter and denser at the top. It tapers as it moves down but gets longer and thicker at the shoulders.

Top 6 Most Popular Korean Wolf Cuts

Now that you understand the idea behind Korean wolf cuts, let’s explore different variants.

1. The Classic Wolf Cut   


Naturally, I want to start with the classic wolf cut, as it’s what started this trend and paved the way for the other variants. With the classic version, the hair at the back is the longest, and it keeps getting shorter as it moves up to the forehead.

The hair fringes have a sharp feather-like appearance that gives the cut a rough look and matches the wolf’s aesthetics. The short end of the hair falls over the forehead toward the left and right sides, mimicking the look of a curtain.

2. Wolf Cut With Bangs

Wolf Cut With Bangs

At first glance, there isn’t a big difference between this one and the classic cut. However, this variant breaks the norm of the hair falling on either side of the forehead. The bangs usually cover the forehead, offering a unique appearance exclusive to this cut.

It still varies the lengths of different strands, though. I recommend letting your back hair grow and rest on your shoulders, giving the forehead bangs more room to shine.

Pro tip: Once you get your hair done, put some shampoo and wash it thoroughly to create a feather-like effect in the fringes.

3. Korean Straight Wolf Cut

Korean Straight Wolf Cut

Since most people pulling that cut off have wavy hair, some might think that’s the only style there is. That’s not true, though. I think you’ll be happy to hear there’s a straight-hair rendition of that cut.

While the straight strands don’t accentuate the feather-like appearance, you can still vary the lengths of the fringes to create wolfish aesthetics. Like the previous cut, the bangs don’t fall on either side of the forehead. They drop down flat, and so do the side bangs.

Pro tip: Highlighting your hair would bring the best out of this cut.

4. Curly Wolf Cut

Curly Wolf Cut

We don’t want people with curly hair to envy straight-haired individuals, do we? That hairstyle offers a unique look that stands out from the rest of the herd. 

The emphasis on the curls is mainly on the side bangs. So you can have your forehead bags fall flat on your scalp or drape over it on both sides.

5. Short Wolf Cut

Short Wolf Cut

So far, we only covered wolf cuts for long hair. However, short-haired people have a place in the wolf pack, too. You’d be like a newly-born wolf cub, the cutest creature on the planet. A short wolf cut combines charm, innocence, and wildness.

The cut is a bit unorthodox. It combines bixie and wolf cuts. As per the usual wolf style, cut your hair so the front side is shorter than the rest. You can get a bit creative with the forehead bangs. 

You can go with the traditional drapey style, but pushing them to one side would offer a unique look.

6. The Wavy Style

The Wavy Style

The wavy style is an extreme version of the traditional wolf cut. Do you think the drapey bangs are cute? In this variant, you split your hair from the middle of the hairline, pushing it toward both sides.

Then, layer your hair so the frontal fringes brush against your cheeks while the back hair rests on your chest.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to do different styles of the Korean wolf cut. Don’t worry. It’s a flexible, customizable cut that matches any hairstyle.

Whether it’s curly, long, wavy, or straight, you can find a wolf cut that suits your style.      

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