Kenn Whitaker: The Secret Story of Forest Whitaker’s Brother

PersonalityKenn Whitaker: The Secret Story of Forest Whitaker’s Brother

Kenn Whitaker is a former 90s television actor. He’s the brother of Oscar, Golden Globe, and Emmy winner, Forest Whitaker, known for his roles in films like The Last Kingdom of Scotland (2006), The Butler (2013), and Black Panther (2018).

Because of their uncanny resemblance, Kenn and Forest have always been mistaken as twins by the public. However, they’re actually two years apart, with Forest as the older brother.

Are you curious as to what Forest’s younger sibling has been up to? Keep reading, and let me share everything you’ll need to learn about Kenn Whitaker, from his early life, career, family, and net worth!

Kenn Whitaker Profile Summary

Here’s a glance at Kenn Whitaker’s details:

Full Name: Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker

Gender: Male

Age: 60 years old (as of March 2024)

Birth Date: June 8, 1963

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Birthplace: Longview, Texas, U.S.A.

Profession: Former actor, singer

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Black

Religion: Christianity

Marital Status: Married

Who is Kenn Whitaker?

Kenneth Whitaker has long since left the limelight after starring in several Hollywood films in the 90s. Here’s his story from his childhood, career, and the present:

Early Life

The three Whitaker brothers were born in Longview, Texas. Their father, Forest Steven Whitaker Jr., was an insurance agent, while their mother, Laura Francis, was a SPED teacher.

Kenneth, the middle child, was born on June 8, 1963.  Forest, the oldest of the brothers, was born on July 16, 1961. Damon, the youngest, was born on October 21, 1970.

damon kenneth forest

Damon, Forest(middle) and Kenneth

Image source: Pinterest

They also have an eldest sister named Deborah Whitaker. However, unlike her younger brothers, she’s kept a private life, and information about her remains scarce.

Kenneth and his siblings lived as toddlers in Texas. Later, due to financial issues, the family was forced to relocate to South Central, California, in search of better opportunities.

Luckily, the family did find greener pastures in the City of Dreams.

“My parents started doing better…and we moved to this little house in Carson on the Compton Border, when I was 11,” Forest said in an interview in the Guardian.


It was in Los Angeles that Kenneth and Forest began their journey in the arts. The two of them initially studied music before getting into the acting industry. The youngest Whitaker, Damon, closely followed in his brothers’ artistic footsteps.

Kenneth, alongside his brothers, attended the same high school in California. They all graduated from the Palisades Charter High School in Los Angeles.

After graduating, Kenneth attended an unnamed university. That said, he reportedly pursued the arts, focusing his higher education in acting.


Although Kenneth started his craft at a young age, he didn’t get his big break until 1993, when he was 30 years old. He took part in a film directed by his brother, Forest Whitaker, titled Strapped, performing the movie’s soundtrack, “I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.”

From there, Kenneth would experience a significant shift in his acting career. The opportunities lined up for the singer and actor, and he’d work on several Hollywood films and TV shows.

Kenneth’s first acting role was in a 1997 thriller movie, Most Wanted. After a year, he played a supporting role in the TV series Tracey Takes On.

He then landed another opportunity to participate in the comedy movie Bulworth, playing the villain’s henchman that same year.

Kenneth’s most major acting gig was in 1999 in the film Life. In the movie, he appeared alongside the celebrated American comedian actors Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.

Kenneth in 1999 in the film life

Kenn Whitaker(left) and Eddie Murphy in the film Life

Image source: Google

In the 2000s, Kenneth followed up roles in some TV series and films. He would later vanish from the limelight after his appearance in Last Days (2001).

Since then, Kenneth hasn’t gotten involved in any major projects.

Here’s a list of all films and series Kenneth Whitaker took part in:

  • Strapped (1993)
  • Most Wanted (1997)
  • Tracey Takes On (1998)
  • Bulworth (1998)
  • Party of Five (1999)
  • Life (1999)
  • The Theory of the Leisure Class (2000)
  • Last Days (2001)

The Whitaker Brothers

Of course, Kenneth is far from being the only Whitaker in the Hollywood film industry. His brothers, Forest and Damon, also have been making considerable waves for their family’s reputation.

Here’s everything you should about Kenn Whitaker’s brothers:

Forest Whitaker

With prestigious acting accolades under his belt, Forest Whitaker hardly needs an introduction. He’s Kenneth’s older brother of two years and has been a major inspiration for the latter’s inclination towards acting.


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Interestingly, their father wasn’t initially keen on letting Forest into filmmaking. He revealed that Steven wanted him to attend West Point to join the military and “couldn’t believe [he] wanted to study acting or music.”

But as you likely know, Forest Whitaker took Hollywood by storm. He starred in award-winning films, produced blockbuster movies, garnered dozens of distinctions, and became a household name.

Damon Whitaker

Damon is the youngest Whitaker brother to join the industry. At 12, he watched Forest take on his first major acting role but was already pining for the same career.

Raised in a family of artists, Damon started to hone his craft at a young age. He took acting classes in kindergarten and even appeared in a school film in elementary.

“I was raised in the arts. It’s just natural for us. I’ve been acting since I was in kindergarten,” Damon would later reveal in the premier of One Warm Night.

Damon’s break came when he worked alongside Forest in the biopic of Charlie “Bird” Parker in 1988. He was the younger version of the lead role portrayed by Forest. Damon was only in high school then.

After 1988, the Whitaker duo continued to collaborate on several projects. They both appeared in movies, including Mr. Holland’s Opus and Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.

Damon pursued acting, but he later fell in love with writing and producing films. One of his latest works is a TV series titled Strangely Tranquil.


Being a brother to an A-lister actor, Kenn became a subject of public curiosity. So, here are some juicy FAQs about the actor you might find interesting:

Are Forest and Kenn Whitaker brothers?

Yes, Forest and Kenn Whitaker are brothers. Forest is the older brother of Kenn. They also have an older sister, Deborah, and a younger sibling, Damon.

Are Forest and Kenn Whitaker twins?

The Whitaker brothers’ resemblance often confuses fans about whether they’re twins. But they aren’t. Kenneth was born June 8, 1963, two years after Forest.

Is Kenn Whitaker Married?

Yes, Kenn Whitaker is reportedly married. However, the family kept the details under a tight lid. As such, the identity of his spouse or if he has children is unknown.

How many Whitaker brothers are there?

There are three Whitaker brothers: Forest, Kenneth, and Damon. All three have been actors and made considerable contributions to the industry.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! That’s everything about Kenn Whitaker, Forest Whitaker’s younger brother, from his early life, family members, and career.

While not as decorated as his older brother, Kenn’s story remains an inspiration to pursue your craft. He spent decades of his life honing his talent and now has nine films to show for it!

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