Is Your House as Secure As It Should Be?

Home ImprovementIs Your House as Secure As It Should Be?

Wondering whether your house is as secure as it should be? It’s no surprise; with so many security elements to think about, from deadbolts to smart systems, it’s easy to overlook something.

The best home security systems are about getting the basics right while deploying the latest security tech to turn your home into a fortress effectively.

Upgrade Your Locks and Deadbolts

Before moving on to the techy stuff, start with the basics: ensure the security hardware on your doors is up to scratch.

Consider fitting door reinforcement plates to strengthen the area around the lock and strike plate to help prevent break-ins and a security chain so you can see who’s calling before fully opening the door.

Think about whether it’s time to upgrade your locks; fitting a double-cylinder deadbolt lock means a key is required to unlock the door from either the inside or outside. This prevents a burglar from reaching through a broken window to open the door.

Alternatively, switch to smart locks with keyless entry points; some devices incorporate cameras to see who has come calling at your front door, even when you’re away from home.

Use Window Grilles or Security Bars

If you’re not using window grilles or security bars, your home may not be as secure as it could be, especially if you live in a ground-floor apartment or an area that’s relatively high in crime.

Security grilles can be installed inside the windows, while anti-theft bars prevent potential burglars from forcing entry into your home.

And, again, don’t forget the basics. Always keep windows closed and latched when you’re not at home, and consider keeping curtains or blinds closed to prevent prying eyes from looking in to scope out your stuff.

Instal a Smart Security System

Changing to an intelligent system could significantly enhance your home’s security if you’re currently using a traditional security system made up of stand-alone cameras and an alarm.

An intelligent security system incorporates a range of elements designed to work together to protect your entire property, which can be controlled remotely and via a central hub in the home.

As well as providing excellent protection, such a system allows you to, for example, turn your home’s lights on and off while you’re away on vacation to make it seem occupied and view archived security camera footage remotely.

Use a Safe

No matter how advanced your home’s security system is, using a home safe to store costly jewelry, cash, and important documents is highly recommended.

Remember that if a burglar accesses your home, they usually seek to get in and out as quickly as possible. It’s doubtful that they’ll even take the time to begin to tackle a safe.

If using a large safe, hiding it in the basement or crawlspace of your property is a good idea. Smaller safes can be hidden in the laundry area, behind the sink, or in a bathroom cupboard.

Protect Your Sliding Glass Door

So you’ve ensured your home is as secure as possible – but have you remembered the sliding glass door? This can be a particularly vulnerable point and a point of entry likely to be targeted by burglars.

Placing a security bar in the door’s track is an easy but effective solution: this will prevent the door from being forced open.

You could also consider applying security window film to the door’s glass, increasing its resistance to impact.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Home Insurance in Place

As well as ensuring your house is as secure as possible, don’t forget to cover yourself with home insurance.

As well as covering the cost of repairing your home should structural damage occur, many home insurance policies will indemnify you against damage to structures like outbuildings, sheds, and garages and cover you should a visitor suffer an accident or injury.

Be sure to shop around when looking at home insurance policies, as there can be a significant difference in prices between providers. It’s not enough to have a policy; it must provide adequate coverage.

So make sure that the amount you’re covered for is realistic for your needs, should the worst happen.

The Takeaway

However secure you think your home is, it’s worth taking some time to consider ways to upgrade its protection.

Use the guide above to identify possible vulnerabilities and take action to resolve them. As well as giving you peace of mind, increasing your home security could mean saving on your home insurance premium, so it’s a double win!

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