Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant: Getting to the Bottom of the Baby Rumors

PersonalityIs Miranda Lambert Pregnant: Getting to the Bottom of the Baby Rumors

The famous country singer-songwriter, Miranda Leigh Lambert, has been America’s sweetheart since her debut in 2001.

After getting married, she has been at the center of many pregnancy speculations, with both fans and celebrity news outlets anticipating the grand announcement.

So, is Miranda Lambert expecting? Today, I’m settling the rumors and giving you the real deal!

When Did the Rumors About Miranda Lambert’s Pregnancy Start?

Word started going around about Miranda Lambert growing her family ever since she got married.

The American singer, songwriter, and guitarist exchanged vows in February 2019 in a secret ceremony. Her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, is a former NYPD officer and has been widely accepted by the country superstar’s fans right after the couple made the announcement.

It’s not every day that you see an untraditional pairing in the celebrity scene, so fans were naturally intrigued by the loving relationship.

The massive fan adoration has made many wonder if the duo is ready to expand their family, especially since they’ve been in marital bliss for 5 years as of 2024.

Does Miranda Lambert Have Kids?

No, Miranda Lambert doesn’t have kids from previous relationships nor does she have a kid with her current husband Brendan McLoughlin.

That said, Miranda Lambert does have a stepson as Brendan has one kid from his ex-wife, Kaihla Rettinger. The boy’s name is Landon and he was born in 2018, making him six years old as of 2024.

Miranda has a special relationship with Landon, who she calls their “adorable nugget”. She warmly welcomed him into her life and she reportedly loves singing to and with him.

Is Miranda Lambert Currently Pregnant?

As of the time of writing this article, the country singer hasn’t made a single announcement that she’s pregnant. This dismisses any circulating rumors that the couple is expecting.

Some fans and celebrity gossip magazines/websites have associated Miranda Lambert’s weight gain with carrying a baby.

However, the superstar has always dealt with fluctuating weight and has been open about body image challenges. She accepts the nature of her body, referring to weight gain as a manifestation of health and happiness.


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Does Miranda Lambert Want Kids?

Miranda Lambert has never officially addressed her stand on having kids, neither confirming nor denying her desire to become a mother.

That said, Miranda mentioned repeatedly that she has the maternal instinct covered thanks to her pets. She also expressed that having a stepson allows her to experience great joy and brings out those motherly feelings even further.

As such, I can safely say that Miranda Lambert and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, are open to having kids together, but they’re in no rush to get pregnant.

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