How to Achieve Easy Wavy Hair for More Definition and Less Frizz?

BeautyHow to Achieve Easy Wavy Hair for More Definition and Less Frizz?

Have naturally wavy hair? You’re lucky! Also, you are probably the envy of everyone you interact with. Naturally, wavy hair has attractive texture and volume. These are two key features that other types of hair long for.

Do you go for a glossy, straight look? Or embrace your beachy waves? Your answer doesn’t matter. You likely battle damage and frizz.

Or you usually have a difficult time maintaining your wavy hair consistently. This is why you need to find great products for wavy hair.

Wavy hair usually strikes a unique balance. It lacks dryness and coarseness, which is, in most cases, associated with curly hair. This hair type doesn’t exhibit the oiliness and fineness typical of its straight counterpart.

Deeply understanding your type of wavy locks can help you find great products to achieve soft, luscious waves.

Discover Your Type of Wavy Locks

You are eager to know how you can perfectly manage your wavy hair. However, it is vital to understand your hair type. It allows you to take care of it and style it perfectly. Your type of locks can be 2A, 2B, or 2C. So, what makes each type unique? Let’s find out.

  • Type 2A: Type 2A is fine and thin. It tends to be flatter at the base and creates a wider wave through the hair lengths. When dry, individual hair strands create an S-pattern. It is easy to straighten or curl with hot styling tools.
  • Type 2B: Type 2B features a moderate wave from the base to the tip. It comes with more frizz. The hair creates an S pattern that is susceptible to moderate frizz when dry.
  • Type 2C: Compared to Type 2A and 2B, this category features thicker hair. It has more waves near the base or scalp. The locks tend to be coarser. They’re most susceptible to frizz. When dry, they also create an S shape.

Tips for Managing Your Wavy Hair

It is vital to navigate to the core of managing your wavy hair. Discover four tips to help you craft the perfect hair care routine for your unique type of waves. These tips will ensure your waves look effortlessly healthy and stunning:

  • Find the perfect shampoo for your wavy hair: Use a shampoo specifically formulated for curly hair. Your choice needs to have a hydrating, gentle, frizz-fighting formula.
  • Deep condition often: Find a nourishing, frizz-fighting natural hair oil. It helps to keep your hair feeling soft without having to lose its bounce. Apply a smoothing hair mask once weekly for extra dry and frizzy curls.
  • Strike a healthy balance between strength and moisture: It’s as important to safeguard your hair’s elasticity, structure, and strength as it is to keep it hydrated. When finding great products for your wavy hair, consider those that have silk proteins and other vital nutrients. These products can strengthen and define your hair.
  • Lay off the heat: In most cases, heat equals damage and dryness when it comes to hair care. Naturally, wavy hair is dry. So, avoid heat-styling tools and embrace curl-defining products. Want to blow dry? Use a diffuser on the lowest setting. It’ll disperse the heat and reduce friction.


Any type of wavy hair needs little care and attention. If you understand your type of wavy hair and find great products, you’ll maintain and boost the health of your locks. Pick the right shampoo and conditioner.

Have a range of products that’ll perfectly hydrate your hair and keep the scalp healthy. Avoid much ironing and styling. The outcome is more definition and less frizz.

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