How To Avoid Data Throttling – Enhancing Stock Trading With A VPN

InvestmentHow To Avoid Data Throttling – Enhancing Stock Trading With A VPN

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bull or a bear market. Traders know how to make a profit. They watch how the economy moves and play their hand.

Most traders use tools to beat the market. They use bots to go through large amounts of data. They join groups to hear insider news.

They copy what renowned investors are doing. They use heatmaps, trading journals, stock scanners, and charting platforms. However, one tool is often missing from their arsenal: a VPN.

A virtual private network doesn’t come to mind when you set up your trading account. But it might be the most important one of all.

No More Data Throttling

Traders use a lot of bandwidth. You may have multiple live streams of analysis open at the same time. You look at interviews, quarterly reports, and political hearings before you know what to buy and sell.

Internet service providers often have a problem when you use too much of their data. They can throttle the bandwidth and reduce your speed. If you notice a lot of buffering and didn’t have it before, your ISP has targeted your IP address.

The easiest way to go around it is to connect to a VPN; they won’t do it anymore. Your speed will return to normal or increase based on your chosen server.

Faster Trading

Changing your IP address means changing your digital location. So, if you’re located in Europe and want to trade on the US market, you can go there with the click of a button.

Since the purpose of VPN is to hide information about how much data you use, your internet speed increases.

Plus, this allows you to play with arbitrage. A stock costs $100 on a European exchange and $105 on a US exchange. Those price differences happen when whales buy or dump massively.

You can buy the stock on the European exchange and sell it in the US to use the situation. You take advantage of different markets, especially as a day trader.

Bypass Geo-restrictions

Sometimes, trading platforms geo-restrict their services. There are a lot of legal issues behind why that happens. But the good news is that VPNs allow you to bypass the restriction.

In an instant, you gain access to all of the stocks in the world. Every trading platform becomes accessible, and you don’t have to worry about restrictions.

For instance, you only need to complete a NordVPN login and sign up. You can travel the world and trade anytime and anywhere.

Hide Your IP

If you were a hacker, would you hack the newbie investor with a $ 1,000 portfolio or the experienced trader playing with tens of thousands daily? You’d probably go for the latter.

When a hacker knows your IP address, they can find ways to exploit data and do harm. But cybercriminals often target exchanges.

In the event of a cyberattack, any information linking to your IP address will be used against you.

And if you have many accounts, the risk multiplies. VPNs change your IP and keep it hidden. So you won’t have to worry about such a scenario.

Say Goodbye to Phishing

Phishing is a massive problem for traders. Scammers want to steal your investments. If you’re trading crypto, then you’re an even bigger target. They will send out fake login emails that someone is logged in to your account.

They will mask links and try to lead you to spoofed exchange platforms. They’ll pretend to be a secure exchange and offer giveaways in your inbox. Please don’t fall for any of their tricks.

VPNs don’t prevent phishing completely but usually have a blocklist feature. That way, if you land on a phishing website, you’ll see a warning. Most scam sites involve investments, stocks, and crypto, so this feature is necessary.

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