Christina Yamamoto: Mother of Jhene Aiko, Ex-Husband,Dr. Karamo Chilombo Welcomes 9th Child at 78

PersonalityChristina Yamamoto: Mother of Jhene Aiko, Ex-Husband,Dr. Karamo Chilombo Welcomes 9th Child at 78

Can you imagine having five children and raising most of them to be successful artists?

Well, Christina Yamamoto did it. So, of course, I have to put such an admirable woman under the spotlight, covering her background, marriage, and parenting journey.

Let’s not waste any time!

Christina Yamamoto’s Biography

Christina Yamamoto was born on February 18, 1958 in California. Yes, Christina is American by citizenship, but her father, Tadashi Yamamoto, is Japanese. He was born in Hawaii but had to flee to California when he was 3 years old during World War 2.

Tadashi decided to forget about his life in Hawaii and focus on building a new one in California. That included marrying Essie Pecot and having Christina, making her Japanese-American.

Christin Yamamoto’s Husband

Christin Yamamoto’s Husband

Christina hasn’t revealed anything about her love life throughout the years. So, I only know she met her husband-to-be, pediatrician Karamo Chilombo, when she was 21.

Here’s the thing: Karamo Chilombo is a made-up name. His real name is Gregory Wycliff Barnes.

Why did he change it, you ask? Well, Barnes wanted to break into the music industry, but he thought Gregory wasn’t a cool enough name. He wanted something that reflected his unique charisma and wild style.

A quick look in the dictionary will tell you that “Chilombo” is a name of African origin, meaning “Wild beast.” If you think that’s catchy, wait until you see his stage name: Dr. Chill.

Say what you want about him; the guy knows how to pick his nicknames.

Christin Yamamoto’s Marriage

Christin Yamamoto’s Marriage

Christina dated Karamo for a year before deciding to tie the knot in 1980. Some of you might say a year isn’t long enough. Well, you’re onto something, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Despite their marriage lasting 2 decades, we never actually knew how the couple was doing. They led a secretive life and kept the details of their marriage hidden from the public. Naturally, people assumed they were happy, but that assumption didn’t last forever.

To everyone’s surprise, Chilombo and Yamamoto announced their separation in 2000 without mentioning any reasons. Even when they officially got divorced in 2019, they still kept us hanging.

To this day, neither Yamamoto nor Chilombo has gotten married, although the latter has had several relationships that brought him four new children.

Christina Yamamoto’s Children

Throughout her 20-year marriage, Yamamoto welcomed five children: three daughters and two sons. It seems her children have taken after their father because most of them pursued a career in entertainment.

1. Miyoko Aminah-Khalil Chilombo

Miyoko Aminah-Khalil Chilombo

Miyoko Aminah-Khalil Chilombo, born on March 30, 1981, is Yamamoto’s eldest daughter. She made her first TV appearance in “Kidsongs: Very Silly Songs,” followed by “Play-Along Songs” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

It was a humble beginning, but it was enough to help her build momentum. Afterward, she formed the 90s girl group, Gyrl, and appeared in Prince’s, Michael Jackson’s, and Immature’s music videos.

2. Jamila Akiko Aba Chilombo

Jamila Akiko Aba Chilombo

Yamamoto had Jamila (Mila J) on November 18, 1982. Like her sister, Jamila had taken an interest in the entertainment industry at an early age.

She was one of the original members of Gyrl and appeared in several music videos as a backup dancer.

The group managed to release its first single, “Play Another Slow Jam,” in 1995, and it stayed on the R&B Songs chart for 6 weeks.

Eventually, Jamila decided to go solo, releasing her first album, “Split Personality,” which featured artists like Marques Huston, Young Rome, and The Underdogs.

That album paved the way for her to put a mark on the music industry, releasing numerous albums and collaborating with multiple artists.

3. Jahi Tadashi Jelan Chilombo

Jahi Tadashi Jelan Chilombo

Born on July 4, 1984, Jahi is Yamamoto’s third child. Wanting to break into the music industry, he took baby steps, joining Miyoko in “Kidsongs: We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

Afterward, he carved a different path, focusing on providing live entertainment as a DJ. His Instagram bio also says he’s the founder and CEO of EBF Inc. Records.

So, it looks like his music career paid off eventually.

4. Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo

Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo

Miyagi is the only one of Yamamoto’s children who didn’t want to be a musician, choosing, instead, to become a media personality. Sadly, he couldn’t achieve his goal.

You see, the doctors discovered a tumor in Miyagi’s brain in 2010. After a long, difficult battle, he tragically passed away in 2012, a few days after celebrating his 26th birthday.

5. Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo  

Jhené Aiko

Jhené started her music career in 2002, when she was 14, as a backing vocalist. Over time, she gained enough popularity to release her first album.

However, she postponed it to focus on her education. A bold choice. When she returned, she had her big breakthrough, co-performing “Beware” with Lil Wayne.

That song paved the way for her to release her first album, “Sold Out,” which was a critical hit.

Ever since, Aiko has released several singles/albums and worked with different producers, proving herself a dominant force in the music industry.

Wrapping Up

Christina Yamamoto hasn’t always had it easy. Despite all the hardships she faced, she managed to provide for her children and raise them to become the successful influencers that they are.

Images source: Instagram

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