7 Brothers Best Friend Romance Books to Snuggle Up With

Education7 Brothers Best Friend Romance Books to Snuggle Up With

One of my favorite romance tropes is the brother’s best friend dilemma.

Do you cross the line and risk getting burned? Do you fight it with all your might? Do you keep it a secret or come clean?

There’s just something so addicting about the tension of forbidden love.

Not to mention, the options are endless! From unrequited love to frenemies to second chances, here’s my list of must-read Brothers Best Friend Romance books:

1. Twisted Love by Ana Huang

Alex Volkov is plagued by a tragedy that turned his heart cold. His life has no room for the warmth of a relationship as he only sees the ugly side of the world.

Ava Chen is the opposite. Despite the nightmares of a forgotten childhood haunting her, she sees the beauty in others.

Grumpy meets Sunshine when Alex is forced to take care of Ava, his best friend’s sister. Buckle up for a high dose of lust, love, pain, and secrets!

2. Make Me Yours by Melanie Harlow

Cheyenne’s brother’s best friend has been her crush for longer than she can remember. When he moves in next door, while being single and a dad, all her buried feelings come to life.

She wasn’t going to do anything about them, but tipsy Cheyenne had a different opinion. An explicit text that she accidentally hit send on changed everything.

How will he react? Will Cheyenne take the chance? You’ll just have to read to find out!

3. To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise

Olive and Jason’s story is the epitome of a slow-burn romance. He was her first crush and her first heartbreak before moving away with his family.

After years of pretending he never existed, Jason -now a dreamy movie star- is set to work in the movie inspired by Olive’s book.

To make matters even more complicated, Jason’s people think the two should get married to fix the actor’s image problem.

You’ll follow Olive as she tries to maintain this new relationship with Jason while protecting her career. Can she keep her heart at bay? Will he see what he’s been missing all this time?

4. Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Spicy, funny, and swoon-worthy, this book tells the story of professional clown Georgette Castle and former major league baseball player Travis Ford, who happens to be her brother’s closest friend.

Georgette wants people to take her seriously and maybe score some dates. Travis wants people to stop reminding him of the past and may land a new job.

Pretending to date should fix their problems… right?

5. Flirting with the Frenemy by Pippa Grant

What can be better than a brother’s best friend romance? Throwing a lot of hate and plenty of attraction into the mix.

The result is a passion-filled, sarcastic, hilarious, and emotional story. That’s exactly how I’d describe Ellie Ryder and Wyatt Morgan’s tale.

After getting dumped on Christmas Eve, Ellie finds herself in bed with her sworn enemy, Wyatt.

She tries to ignore the incident and tries to hire a fake boyfriend to go to her best friend’s wedding where she’ll have to face her ex and his new girlfriend. The keyword: tries.

6. The Off Limits Rule by Sarah Adams

Lucy is too broke to afford her own place, so she’s moving in with her brother until she gets back up on her feet. The siblings are pretty, so the arrangement should actually be fun, right?

That’s what Lucy thought until she met her brother’s best friend, Cooper – a total playboy according to him.

Her brother tells her to stay away from Cooper as he’s the last thing she needs, but Lucy is so tempted. This closed-door romance is super fun and heartwarming to witness.

7. Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

Hanna Bergstrom has practically zero social life with most of her time spent studying. Her brother lectures her about her problem, and she sets her heart on turning her life around.

She wants to become a social butterfly with men lining up for a chance to know her. Will Sumner, her brother’s best friend, venture capitalist, and professional ladies’ man is the perfect man to transform her.

He’s skeptical at first, but Hanna manages to seduce him into taking on the project. The only problem is that Will now wants her to himself.

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