Blackjack Variants: Unique Games Every Player Should Explore

EntertainmentBlackjack Variants: Unique Games Every Player Should Explore

Online blackjack is considered the most popular table game choice for players visiting an online casino. The game is easy to play, has low to high buy-ins, and can pay out handsomely.

Aside from traditional blackjack, players have many options for enjoying a game of twenty-one. Most players stick with the standard version, but branching out can help players find unique variations that include side bets or incentives for more win potential.

Learning more about the available game types can help players have more options to play at any casino.

Blackjack Switch

This version of online blackjack is unique as it provides two hands instead of one per player. Every participant has the option to switch the top cards of each hand to create a better overall hand.

The small rule change makes this game much more interesting and can help players that apply strategy when playing blackjack online.

European Blackjack

Yet another variation, this option requires dealers to stand on soft 17, which is favorable to the player. The game has odds of 3 to 2 and uses two 52-card decks.

Players can only double down when their initial hand is worth nine, ten, or 11, so this is another significant rule for one to keep in mind.

The game also has a tie or push rule, so if the player and dealer have a 21 at the same time, the result is a tie, and the initial bet is refunded to the player.

Perfect Pairs

If you are looking for a blackjack game with side bets, Perfect Pairs is a great option. This is one of the first variations to offer additional bets to players per hand. The game is played like traditional blackjack but includes a side bet.

Players can bet if they think their first two cards will have the same value, like two threes or two sixes. The payout on this wager is 6 to 1 if the first two cards are the same value and color, the payout increase to 12 to 1!

Multi-Hand Blackjack

One of the newer variations, multi-hand blackjack allows players to enjoy a game with more than one hand per round. The game utilizes six 52-card decks and includes a low house edge of 0.47% when players use the blackjack strategy.

A blackjack will pay 3 to 2, and dealers must stand on soft 17. This game is a good option for players who want to get in more hands in a shorter amount of time.

Spanish 21

Yet another option that is a twist on the original is Spanish 21. This game sees the 10s removed from the dealer’s shoe. Players have the option to resplit their hands and double down at any time, no matter how many cards have been dealt.

When players hit 21, it’s always a win, and a player blackjack tops a dealer blackjack. It is harder to earn a blackjack since the 10s are removed, which is what makes this game so interesting.

Live Dealer

One of the more popular blackjack formats can be seen in live dealer gaming.  In general, live dealers offer players a chance to explore blackjack in a live setting.

The game will take place on a studio or casino floor, and footage of the game will be streamed back to the player. Decisions are made in real-time as the action happens, which makes this blackjack format so exciting.

Live dealer casinos can include traditional blackjack, lightning variations, European blackjack, and more. Each game will take place at a set time period or run 24/7. Players can select from low to high betting ranges, so every skill level and bankroll can explore games.

Find Unique Blackjack Variations at Online Casino Sites

The best way to find unique variations of blackjack online is to use the search bar of an online casino. If a site includes a search bar, type in blackjack and see what pops up. Most sites have three or more variations if not a dozen or more.

With a simple search, players can easily find more ways to play the game of twenty-one with unique rule sets and extra betting options. Start with one variation and try more to find which games you like best.

Because regulations on casinos vary across countries and regions, it’s necessary to obey local laws when participating in the enjoyment of gambling.

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