Billie Eilish Weight Loss: A Deep Dive Into Her Journey

PersonalityBillie Eilish Weight Loss: A Deep Dive Into Her Journey

If there’s one thing we’re all familiar with when it comes to celebrities, it’s usually the perfect body shape and weight.

However, we can sometimes miss that this stereotype puts many stars under pressure, affecting their health and body image. 

Among those afflicted celebrities is Billie Eilish, whose recent weight loss has become the subject of much speculation.

So today, we’ll discuss Billie Eilish’s weight loss, body image, and why she now calls herself a gym rat! Let’s start!

Early Life and Struggles With Body Image


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Born in December 2001 as Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, Billie grew up in a household full of stars of various genres. Her older brother Finneas is a famous singer and songwriter, while both her parents are actors.

As the children grew, their parents decided it was best to homeschool them so they could spend time together as a family and for the kids to pursue their passions.

Because of their parent’s encouragement, we now have Billie Eilish and Finneas, the sibling duo who have found fame and success in the music industry together!

Sadly, despite being homeschooled and away from the general chaos of school life, Billie still developed a major body image problem—something almost every girl struggles with at a young age.

She thought her body was too big compared to the other young girls and almost starved herself! Cutting back on food and trying to lose weight was something she struggled with.

To add to her problems, Billie decided to take a pill that promised weight loss and a better body. Of course, these pills did nothing but make her wet the bed. 

I must also add that this all happened when she was only 12 years old! Because of this, her self-image and confidence were at an all-time low, which got worse with her injury.

Her Injury

Before Billie decided to pursue her singing career fully, she loved dancing and took dance lessons until she was about 13.

While dancing one time, she injured her growth plate, where she tore it and her bone separated from her hips.

Due to the extent of such injury, Billie couldn’t move for about a month or so and was in a lot of pain. 

Of course, this could be one of the main reasons Billie gained weight during her teenage years and why she called it the worst and most painful period in her life.

Billie’s Self-Image And Fans Reaction

Billie’s Self-Image And Fans Reaction

When you think back on Billie Eilish in her early career, what do you remember her wearing? Is it tight crop tops, mini skirts, and dresses? Or is it oversized t-shirts, baggy jeans, and large hoodies?

If your answer was the first, not the latter, you haven’t been paying attention! When Billie took to the spotlight, she covered as much of her body as possible and in the largest sizes possible. 

For her, it wasn’t just about hiding her skin but also her entire body shape and weight, if possible. The way her self-image had been formed, she believed that hiding her body was the only way to go. 

This way, nobody could attack her insecurities or sexualize her in any way whatsoever. Unfortunately for Billie, it was only a matter of time before her fans started obsessing over her appearance. 

After all, the entertainment industry—whether musical or otherwise—was all about appearance. So, Billie’s fans clutched at her with their hands and teeth once a picture of her in a tank top, and shorts got out!

To a non-Billie fan, the photos would look completely normal, with nothing out of place except the neon-green hair. However, to an old Billie fan, that picture was the most they’ve ever seen of her!

Because of how form-fitting the outfit was, Billie got bombarded with comments about her body. Even though the words left her feeling slightly uncomfortable and self-conscious, Billie didn’t back down. 

Instead, she started addressing the haters and people making fun of her and requested that people should start “normalizing real bodies.

Her Journey Toward Weight Loss and Public Influence

billie eilish

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending! You see, despite her self-image and body struggles, Billie wore various outfits that no longer hid her appearance

This wasn’t just the start of her journey toward being a gym rat but also toward accepting herself.

As time passed, Billie worked out more, called herself a gym rat, and tried eating healthier! Nevertheless, she always maintained a firm stance on how she wanted the public to view her weight loss journey.

That is, she never wanted the public to follow the same workout routine she does or look up to her for being skinny. As a matter of fact, being thin or losing weight isn’t even her goal. 

Billie seeks to build a healthier body and a solid form to help support her performing career. As a result, she kept everything to herself.

I don’t know how often she works out or what’s her gym routine in the first place! I only know what she likes to eat and how she maintains a healthy weight, so allow me to share that with you!

Billie’s Diet and Key Helping Factor 

Regarding Billie’s eating habits, she’s been a vegan since she was a teenager. She says that after learning so much about the meat and dairy industry, she decided that being vegan is the right track for her.

Her favorite foods include avocados, tofu, and loads of ramen! While I can’t really say that a vegan diet suits everyone, it’s definitely working out for Billie.

Another element that helped Billie maintain a healthy weight is discipline. As long as you have self-control and discipline to build yourself up, you’re on your way to success!

Final Words

So, how do you feel about Billie Eilish weight loss journey? Are you inspired to take on a similar path? I sure hope it left you feeling motivated!

In my opinion, the best thing about Billie Eilishe’s weight loss is that she didn’t share her routine or diet. She also didn’t try promoting any diets or philosophies to convince people to become thin.

She simply wanted to get stronger to help her in her career!

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