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What slows down your workflow faster than an old, rusty, or plain-old broken fifth wheel? Once your fifth-wheel hitch goes out, what is the next course of action? Replace it, of course!

But they don’t make them like they used to, and there are currently so many duds on the market that claim to be the one for you, but then, it doesn’t turn out that way! You need a reliable fifth-wheel hitch that lasts, makes you money, and works for you!

The Dodge RAM 3500 and The Work 

The RAM 3500 is one heck of a machine. It is as tough and heavy-duty as it looks. If you own this truck or are looking to purchase it, you want it for most likely one good reason: its top-of-the-line towing and hauling prowess.

Now the last thing you want when you get the privilege to own this machine is to weigh it down by getting it unsuitable workmates. That is why it is so important to make sure you get the best 5th wheel hitch.

So before you go out and buy a fifth-wheel hitch, let’s get you armed with enough knowledge to buy the perfect one. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a fifth-wheel hitch for your Dodge RAM.

Weight Rating

You want to get a fifth-wheel hitch for the RAM 3500, right? Will any old fifth-wheel hitch do even if it’s feather-light?

Well, we’re here to tell you that is not the case because the weight of the fifth-wheel hitch is super important. If the hitch’s weight rating is not suitable for the RAM, then how is the RAM going to tow your RV?

Moreover, we’ve previously established that the RAM 3500 is a mega towing monster. So, the hitch also needs to be approved to handle the truck’s premium-towing capacity.

That said, picking any old hitch may destabilize your RAM while you’re lugging your cargo around and may lead to some less than desirable accidents on the road.

Construction and Build

Since this hitch has to work with a juggernaut, it can’t be a slacker. It has to work very hard, which it can only do if the design and build support it!

This means that it should be made out of the right kind of metal that is excellently crafted and is not going to come tumbling down because of some pressure and weight.

Also, its job field will wear it down, so it has to be pretty strong and must survive the elements for a specified period of time.


A hitch that is created to conform to the size of the truck and the mounting position means it is going to do all the things you need it to do and work how it is supposed to!

Automatic slider hitch mechanisms are excellent for short-bed trucks. Lightweight models allow for greater freedom and easy handling capabilities. Always look to invest in hitches that secure safety and ease of use, as well as your personal towing needs.

Buying Your Fifth Wheel Hitch From A Reliable Source

Buy this hitch from the right place! Because the hitch itself is already pretty expensive, it would be awful if you spend money buying a bad hitch that does not work, and you couldn’t even return it!

Why not head over to TULGA FIFTH WHEEL? They are exactly the kind of place that will give you guaranteed quality. They have it in stock and are affordable. The best part is if you receive your hitch and it is not working, you are protected.


There you have it — how to pick a fifth-wheel hitch for RAM 3500. With this rig, it’s quite easy; you just have to look out for and consider the four things you should know we listed above, and you’re in business.

The Tulga T1O Model 5th wheel hitch meets the right criteria for you to have the best fifth wheel experience, as said above. But if you don’t like it, you can find the right one from the list above.

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