Apple Store in Roseville suffers more robberies

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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The ‘Apple Thieves’ could be back as the Galleria’s Apple Store suffered an additional string of robberies at about 7 p.m. Sunday and then again at 11 a.m. Monday, according to law enforcement officials. 
The suspects have not been caught, according to the Roseville Police Department.
This marks the third time that the store has been hit in the last month. The first robbery was on Aug. 20 where more than $20,000 worth of iPhones and iPads were stolen
Iphones and iMacs were also stolen Sunday and Monday, according to law enforcement officials.
“It is unknown at this time if it’s the same suspects,” said Roseville Police Department spokesman Rob Baquera. 
However, a similar strategy was used in this week’s robberies.
“It was the same method of operation for the crime,” Baquera said. “The suspect group enters, then proceeds to cut the cords off all electronic devices on display, take the items and then escape very quickly.”
This particular string of robberies is not usually seen in the area.
“Sporadic, small-value theft of cell phones is a consistent crime trend. It’s very uncommon for us to see this high-value, multi-person and coordinated theft of phones/computers,” Baquera said. “We normally see an uptick of crime over the holiday season but I wouldn’t relate the Apple Store theft(s) to a common holiday-crime trend.”  
Detailed descriptions and photos of the suspects from the Aug. 20 theft, along with the original report, is online at 
All together, the suspects took more than $80,000 in merchandise from Apple, according to law enforcement officials. 
Anyone with information about the Apple Store robberies is asked to contact Roseville Police Detective Nick Gaines at  
Cell phone fever   
On two separate incidents last week, Roseville Police also responded to cell-phone stores that suffered robberies. 
“In these incidents, we were able to locate suspects and arrest individuals in connection with the theft.” Baquera said. “At this time, we don’t believe the individuals arrested for these two incidents are connected with the Apple Store theft(s).”  
On Sept. 7,  three juveniles were arrested for robbing the T-Mobile store on Pleasant Grove Boulevard in Roseville, according to Baquera. On Aug. 28, one suspect was arrested for robbing the AT&T store on Douglas Boulevard in Roseville.