Greg Young now a brewing champion in Roseville

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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On July 6, Roseville resident Greg Young was presented the Samuel Adams Ninkasi Award at the 40th annual American Homebrewers Association (AHA) National Homebrew Competition.

This prestigious award was announced at the Homebrew Con 2018 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.  

Young claimed the Samuel Adams Ninkasi Award as his beers won the most points in the competition with two gold medals for his homebrewed John's Lager and Hayden's Lager in the Pale American Beer and Pale European Beer categories.

The 2018 National Homebrew Competition had nearly 8,500 entries from 3,517 homebrewers among 50 states and 18 other countries.

Young also took home the 2018 Cal State Fair gold ribbon, both for his American Lager and a Vienna (Amber Style) Lager.
Gold Country Media asked Young about his journey and his plans for the future. Young’s answers follow.

When did you develop a passion for brewing?

“I received my first Homebrew kit from my wife for Christmas of 2015. I enjoyed craft beer and the exciting and new flavor characteristics that I was tasting but never knew it was possible to make your own beer at home. That day, I ended up ordering a Homebrew book and diving in to prepare for the first brewday. After brewing that first batch in January of 2016, I was hooked. The blend of science, crafting a product with your hands and the intricate balance of details and just going with the flow, I knew brewing was right for me.”


Now that you are on the map as an award-winning home brewer, what’s the next step in your career?

“The next step is to open a community-based taproom in my hometown of Roseville. I grew up here and have learned so much from the people and the city. I want to give back and get a chance to leave my mark. My goal is to open a taproom that encompasses the pride I feel for this town and highlight the diversity of those within it. I want to have a place that has beers from light delicate but flavorful lagers to hoppy clean IPAs and delicious roasty stouts. A place where no matter if you wear a suit or work boots, you can come find a beer you will enjoy and hopefully a conversation and a new friendship.”


What advice do you have for up-and-coming home brewers?

“Reach out, ask questions, support your local breweries and experiment. The brewing community is very open to sharing knowledge and helping one another out. There truly are some fantastic resources out there. Soak up any knowledge someone shares but also don’t be afraid to try some new things out yourself. As long as you take great notes of your process and are true with yourself when evaluating the quality of your beers, you’ll improve. Also, don’t be afraid to share with local brewers or enter into competitions! They are both ways to gain great feedback about your beers from some experts.”


What are some of the biggest challenges and rewards so far?   

“Some of my biggest challenges have been the very minor details that can take your beer from great to world class. These little details that seem to be so small but truly do make a difference. I want to put out the absolute best beer possible, and these little details drive me to deliver that. The biggest rewards have been seeing the enjoyment that others have gotten from tasting my beers. Seeing that little smirk and head nod after taking that first sip is an amazing feeling. Also, sharing with anyone interested in the process of making beer. I started an Instagram page at the beginning of this journey (@crookedbridge_homebrew) to help share my experiences and also learn from others. I love the questions that I receive about certain processes, ingredients or just general how to and see people implement what they learn into their own processes and to hear how it has helped them. I’ve learned so much from others. This is my chance to give back. It truly is a rewarding feeling.”