This newspaper is ready to talk prep football

By: Bill Sullivan, Associate Publisher
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As we begin the month of August, it may seem like it’s early, but yes, it is time to start talking about high school football in our communities.

Here at Gold Country Media, we are already beginning production of our 2018 “High School Football Preview” publication as well as taking orders from the many businesses that choose to be a part of it each year.
This special publication will publish on Aug. 17 and will highlight our many local teams as they embark on a new journey as “Friday Night Lights” consumes our communities every week.

At first glance, one may not look at our community and realize it has such a love for its prep pigskins just driving through town. However, if you look up the stats of our area teams, you will clearly see what we have in our community is tremendous football programs with passionate supporters.

In small towns, this is often more apparent to the first-time observer who may not necessarily follow the sport. In many midwestern towns, it’s not uncommon to see coffee shops’ walls covered in news clippings from the local sports pages, signs in businesses’ windows with slogans such as “Go Team” and even billboards with players on them, yard signs saluting them in front of their homes and more. While we may not have quite the environment portrayed in “Remember the Titans” in our community, trust me when I say the love of prep football is extremely strong.

In recent days, Gold Country Media has joined our area teams on the field to capture the images and stories needed to produce a strong and comprehensive 2018 High School Football Preview section, something many of you have been longing for in recent years.

Right alongside this community, supporting our local teams, is this community newspaper. Weekly, we bring you great community news each week in local racks or delivered directly to your home for less that $4 a month.

Much like our weekly publications, which have garnered professional awards and great growth in readership this year, our upcoming Football Preview publication will be a true keepsake.  Packed with previews and photos looking at the season ahead for teams, the publication talks about players, rosters, schedules and more.

Along with the great editorial coverage, there will be countless businesses showing their support within this publication. Many will be offering game day deals. Others will be simply wishing their local teams the best of luck in the season ahead.

We take great pride in supporting our youth sports like this and we hope you will too, whether it’s reading the 2018 High School Football Preview or joining the many advertisers that support our efforts.

For more information on 2018 Football Preview if you are interested in being a part of it, contact your advertising representative or feel free to drop me a note at and I will be happy to have one of our sales professionals assist you. You can also give me a call at 916-351-3750.

Bill Sullivan is the Associate Publisher of Gold Country Media.