Roseville sushi restaurant addresses viral worm incident

Company announced new management in place
By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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A Roseville Blue Nami customer got additional protein at lunch July 27.

The customer, Steven Maurizzio, published a Facebook video of a worm wriggling out of a lemon that was placed in his water. The video has now amassed more than 1.5 million views.

Roseville Blue Nami co-owner Steven Lui confirmed that a lemon was contaminated with a worm at the restaurant.

“Bottom line, the lemon should have never made it to the customer’s table,” Liu said. “That’s on us.”  

According to the general manager at Produce Express that Blue Nami has used since 2007, the lemon did not come from the vendor.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I have never come across insects inside of our lemons,” said Produce Express general manager Jim Boyce. “We have never had one report of lemons being infested with maggots or worms. We are USDA-certified and have passed all of our health inspections.”

Referring to the Facebook post, Boyce said, “It’s an anomaly. I can’t speak to how it made its’ way to a customer’s table.”

Blue Nami spokesman Matthew Boysel released a statement Thursday morning from the owners:  “Since starting Blue Nami Sushi, we have maintained strict policies for food quality control, freshness, preparation and overall sanitization procedures. Our produce is sourced daily from a highly-regarded vendor that many restaurants in our community use. With over 10 years of sourcing product from our vendor and serving tens of thousands of customers, we have not had a single incident. In fact, throughout the twelve years of operation of Blue Nami Roseville, we have passed every single health inspection report without any issues. Although we place heavy emphasis on quality control within our kitchen, we unfortunately made a human error in our process. We’re taking this incident very serious and have even more rigorous quality control procedures in place, along with additional food handling training. As a result of this incident, our company has taken action and Blue Nami Sushi Roseville will be under new management effective 08/02/2018. We want to thank our loyal customers for their continued support and we will continue to serve the community the highest quality sushi  -Blue Nami Owners, Joon Cho and Family/Manager of Blue Nami locations, Steve Liu.


Gold Country Media received a copy of the Placer County Inspection Report conducted July 27 by Placer County Health and Human services Robert Raya. The report required no action at this time as the inspection found zero health-code violations.

“Food is stored and labeled properly, fish is wrapped and placed in small reach in cooler in bar area. Large pieces of fish are frozen and then cut into smaller pieces, it's also wrapped and kept in walk-in,” Raya said in the report.