West Park High School to alleviate congested district

By: Brody Fernandez, Reporter
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Shovels hit the dirt last Friday as city leaders, students and parents geared up for the first groundbreaking event at what will be the sixth high school in Roseville on Fiddyment Park Road. 

Local politicians, elementary school bands and community members helped break ground for Roseville Joint Union High School District’s new school. 

West Park High School is scheduled to be completed in August 2020 and will be home to the Panthers. Development properties, along with new neighborhoods, have been springing up in west Roseville for quite some time. 

Roseville and Woodcreek high schools are at max capacity. 

Roseville City Councilmen Scott Alvord attended the event and shared his views on the new high school. “West Park High School is an answer to the prayers for many families in the western areas of Roseville,” Alvord said. “It solves a lot of problems and brings a lot of opportunities. We currently have families that get up earlier than most because they have to get high school students from the western side of town all the way across town to Oakmont High, the high school that is the furthest east in the city, passing two other high schools on the way (Roseville High and Woodcreek High).”

Additional burdens for families exist besides a long commute, Alvord said.

“Besides family stress, it’s also challenging for students involved with sports or other after-school recreational activities,” Alvord said.

The city of Roseville will benefit in the long run with the incorporation of West Park High, according to Alvord.

“A major opportunity that this world-class high school will bring to the western side of town includes the ability to fulfill the desire of having great schools near the desirable new homes being developed on this side of town,” Alvord said. “We already have great elementary schools and a great middle school nearby. That missing element (a high school) has frustrated families who want to buy a new home but don't want to commute across town to get to a high school.” 

Roseville’s great schools is a big economic driver for the area, Alvord said.

 “The other major opportunity is to allow the western neighborhoods to rally behind their own high school with a stronger sense of community,” Alvord said. “It is difficult to do so when the high school has been on the far opposite side of town.”