Wingstop soars as a favorite in Roseville

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  • Address: 970 Sunrise Ave. #100, Roseville
  • Hours: 11 a.m.- midnight daily
  • Info: 916-749-3012 or

“Wingstop is in the flavor business,” said district manager of Wingstop, Jimmy Moore. “We are not in the chicken business we are in the flavor business.”

Wingstop’s 11 sauces and spices range goes from atomic hot to heat-less garlic Parmesan, Hawaiian and teriyaki. There is a little something for everyone.

“I like the Louisiana rub,” Moore said. “I was born in Louisiana. I am used to that Cajun flavor.”

The fast-casual restaurant was founded in 1994 by Antonio Swad in Texas and has become a successful franchise. The Roseville location off of Sunrise Avenue opened on June 25 and is happily settling into its new shopping center.

“I wouldn’t classify it as fast food because we cook everything to order; hot and fresh.” Moore said. “It would be more of casual sit-down.”

What used to be the least desirable part of the chicken has become one of the most desired over the past few decades. Wingstop’s bone-in chicken wings take 17 minutes to cook and the boneless takes about 13 minutes. The chicken is fresh and never frozen.

“The bone-in is more popular,” Moore said. “(It’s) our classic.”

“You’d be amazed on how well our chicken just attracts people,” he said.  “They have their favorite flavors. You get people really attached to it. They love it.”

While wings are the most popular menu offering, there are many side dishes and dips that compliment the many flavors. The ranch and blue cheese sauces, and potato salad are all made  in-house from scratch.

Sides to pair with chicken include, for example: veggie sticks, coleslaw, baked beans, fries and rolls. The dishes are not easily replicated at home. The hand-cut fries are blanched beforehand and then topped with seasonings.

And, don’t forget the sweet treat after the meal, Wingstop has a triple-chocolate chunk brownie.

So far, the restaurant has had a pretty steady lunch rush, while majority of Wingstops have a busier dinner schedule. However, football season has proven to be hectic time among all  locations.

“Our busiest day of the year is Super Bowl,” Moore said. “Every store in the country gears up for that day.”

Customers order several weeks in advance large portions to take home and enjoy with the annual game. The most popular are family packs with up to 100 pieces.

Settling in Roseville, Moore has become a member of the chamber. He said he appreciates the history as well as the town’s up-and-coming potential.

“Roseville is a very nice and exciting little town,” Moore said. “We are here to stay. We are looking to grow in this area.”

Wingstop is in the process of obtaining a liquor license, and will soon offer beer.

“We just want to welcome everybody to come in and try us out,” Moore said.