Thai Peppers restaurant offers authentic dining experience

By: Noelle Konrad, Staff Writer
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Thai Peppers

  • Address: 970 Sunrise Ave, Roseville
  • Info: 916-297-7296

Real authentic Thai food restaurants are few and far between, but Roseville has another on its growing  list. Thai Peppers, which opened in last summer has its share of regular customers who now come in for their favorite dishes.

“A lot of the curries are popular (and) the Pad Thai. We have the drunken noodles, which are very popular and then the stir fry,” said the owner’s niece, Meuy Saechao. “Pad Thai is the most popular item just in general in Thai food. A lot of people love the food here. They love the curries.”

The building used to be a Thai food restaurant called Thai Pepper, but when owner Kasamaporn “Newt” Tungjiemsri purchased the restaurant, she felt the name needed a subtle change. She added an “s” to Pepper, which she feels ideally expresses her food style. By adding an s making the name “Thai Peppers” changes it to mean really good, Tungjiemsri said.

“A lot of people love the spice here. I am surprised they can handle the heat,” Saechao said.

The level of spice can range from mild to medium to hot to Thai hot and fire, which is an option not technically listed on the menu.

The small family owned business consists of three employees. The recipes have come from Saechao’s uncle Jack, who works the kitchen, and Newt’s side of the family. They brought them over from Thailand.

“I love the drunken noodle and pad eggplant,” Saechao said.

Drunken noodles are made with a fresh wide noodle and then stir fried with basil, bell pepper, eggplant and green and yellow onions.

“It is really good,” Saechao said.

“There is a lot that she (Tungjiemsri) has brought to the kitchen,” Saechao said.

However, the recipes are secret.

“When he (Jack) makes it, he doesn’t let anyone see,” Saechao said.

Pumpkin and mango curries are some of the more unique specials that have caught customers’ attention. Many reviews Thai Peppers has received already indicate that their clientele consider them one of the best Thai restaurants in the area and the most flavorful Thai food.

JoAnn Newsome is a regular who commented that she loves the service just as much as the food. Having grown up around Thai food, Newsome knows what separates authentic from fusion Thai cuisine.

“It is authentic, friendly, home-style feel, but you get the quality that you’re missing when you go to a plaza-type restaurant,” Newsome said. “It’s worth coming back to.”

This is Tungjiemsri’s first time owning a restaurant; however she has worked in the industry for six years prior. Before a dish goes on the menu she will make it at home for friends and family to get their opinions before serving to patrons. 

The Roseville restaurant can seat 45 people. They have a party tray option and accommodations for birthdays and large parties.

“Roseville is (a) really nice neighborhood. It is a very good location,” Tungjiemsri said.