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Koja Kitchen in Rocklin
By: Paige Smith
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KoJa Kitchen
Where: 4210 Rocklin Road., Rocklin
When: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sunday – Thursday and 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Friday – Saturday
Info: 916-259-1513

It all started with a (food) truck — a unique and delicious food experience.

From driving on the ground to a solid foundation, KoJa Kitchen has seen immense growth in less than 10 years. Alan Tsai and Hiep Lien introduced KoJa Kitchen, a Korean-Japanese blend to the food industry in 2011 with their food truck in San Francisco. By 2014, they opened their first restaurant location in the Bay Area and have continued to expand since.  

“This is our first location in the Sacramento region,” said Thomas Quach, franchisee of the Rocklin location. “The next one will be in Downtown Sacramento, then in Elk Grove and then moving down to Los Angeles.”

Thomas grew up in the Sacramento area and wanted to bring this dining experience to the area, already it has been a different experience than he expected.

“We see a lot of families here and they are curious because it is something new and people seem a bit hesitant,” Quach said. “Unlike the Bay Area, there when there is something new, everyone fights for it.”

While it may not have as much traction as the Bay Area, the food is something completely new and something the community will more than be willing to try. Thomas said that once people in the area know what is offered at KoJa Kitchen, they come back.

The Rocklin KoJa Kitchen team offers sponsorships for local sports teams and want to provide their food services not only to neighboring businesses but also to the neighboring community. Currently, the team is looking at delivering to the local neighborhoods as well as the businesses in the surrounding area. They offer takeout — not just walk in, but also through drive thru.

“We want people to come in and try our food and this new concept; it really is something different, but delicious,” Quach said.

The most popular food items are the KoJa which consists of a choice of protein served between lightly fried garlic rice buns. According to KoJa Kitchen, it’s like a burger, but better. The other popular item are Kamikaze Fries that consist of criss-cut waffle fries, minced Korean barbecue beef, kimchi, red sauce, Japanese mayo and green onions.

You can order off their Facebook page, call ahead or on their app, then either walk in and pick up your food or go through the drive thru and get your food and go. Thomas explains that KoJa Kitchen is always up for trying something new and different, while also trying to make things as convenient as possible for the community members.

“It all started with a food truck and now it has blossomed to something much more,” Quach said.