Greiss has helped reform district

Reader Input
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Critical issues facing our communities remain unresolved because political divisiveness has stalled progress. You deserve better. As opponents in 2010, we had many disagreements and could have replicated this trend. Once elected, we shelved these differences and made a concerted effort to work together to focus on the important issues that we could find common ground on and push aside those that we didn’t to deliver immediate results for the students and taxpayers of our district. We have a common goal of promoting integrity, transparency and accountability as the basis for increased excellence in both our educational product and the way our district conducts business. All along the way, Kristie Greiss has been a strong partner and advocate for these ideals. With her help over the last two years we have approved and adopted many significant reforms that have made this district more transparent and efficient. As board president, Kristie Greiss has been an able leader and is the candidate that we support because of her character and impressive list of accomplishments. Kristie Greiss is a woman of integrity and deserves re-election to the Eureka Union School Board. Eric Bose and Andy Sheehy, Eureka Union School District trustees, Granite Bay