What do we leave children?

Reader Input
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If your family’s life has been forever changed by the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s, you already know how important the National Alzheimer’s Project Act is. By creating a strategic national Alzheimer’s Plan, NAPA holds great encouragement for the 5.4 million Americans and their families who are suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

To fulfill its promise, it is imperative that members of Congress follow through and fulfill the 2013 budget request of $100 million to fight Alzheimer’s.

Perhaps you are thinking that now is the wrong time to consider spending this money. But, consider this. On its current trajectory, by 2050, we will be leaving our children a $1 trillion bill in caregiving costs for Alzheimer’s sufferers, payable every year ... not to mention the immense burden of caring for a loved one with this disease, if we don’t find a cure.

I hope you agree that $100 million doesn’t seem like a lot to spend to keep that bill from arriving. Please urge your representatives in Congress to follow through with the promise of NAPA, and to dedicate the appropriate resources to put this critical plan into motion.

Jennifer Harrington, Roseville