Council members have done it again

Reader Input
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I am very concerned regarding the new Civic Center. Since there will be no parking at City Hall, how will the elderly and handicapped people be able to cross a busy street to pay their bill or attend any city council meetings? That is quite a distance to go. How can a person in a wheelchair (non-motorized) do that?

Have you checked the legality of no handicapped parking spaces close to a public building? If you plan to put some spaces in past the proposed roundabout on a 15-minute time limit, that will not work.

Regarding the roundabout — what’s going to happen when police cars and fire trucks have an emergency? Where are the drivers supposed to pull over?

City manager and city council members: are you trying to bankrupt our city with all the government waste? Use this money to repave roads. North Sierra Gardens by the post office is like a washboard. There are other streets in need also.

City council members (except the mayor) have personal agendas and cater to the real estate developers. You were elected to work for us.

Regarding the article in the paper of the city manager was ridiculous. Council members: thinking back, did you not see a “red flag?” Please wake up and “smell the coffee.”

Betty Jones, Roseville