Mendonsa says he will be voice of residents

Former special agent vying for seat on Roseville City Council
By: Sena Christian, Staff Reporter
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Tracy Mendonsa likes to quote baseball legend and idiom wizard Yogi Berra.

He appreciates one quote in particular, which goes: "If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else."

The statement reflects Mendonsa's philosophy on Roseville, where he has lived for the past decade with his wife and their 5-year-old twin daughters. He wants to reside in a city that provides a high quality of life for residents, while always preparing for the future.

That's why Mendonsa, 37, is running for Roseville City Council. He wants to be part of that vision, and he's vying for a seat against six other candidates. The election takes place Nov. 6.

"Besides my kids and getting married, this is the third-biggest event of my life," he said.

He's running on a platform of job creation and business growth, promoting safe neighborhoods, maintaining recreation and community services, and keeping an eye to the future.

"I offer fresh perspective and new ideas," he said. "That being said, I also offer a lot of hard work."

Mendonsa grew up in Sacramento and earned a criminal justice degree from University of Phoenix. After 9/11, he became a special agent for eight years. He previously served as a department chair at Heald College and is currently an instructor.

He works as a regulatory compliance analyst for a communications company that serves the deaf and hard-of-hearing. He's involved with the American Cancer Society and March of Dimes and is a proud Eagle Scout.

After the birth of Mendonsa's daughters, the family began using the city's bike trails and parks and caring more about public safety. He wants to help ensure Roseville continues to boast quality recreational opportunities and safe neighborhoods.

"I don't want to be facing problems that I could have been a solution for," Mendonsa said, adding, "I just feel the need to get involved."

He describes himself as a problem-solver and logical thinker able to understand long-term impacts, which makes him a qualified candidate, he said. If elected, he would conduct research to make informed decisions and not just vote yes.

"Whatever the council's agenda is that's my agenda," he said. "I'm not trying to getting different things passed. I'm not out here with a clipboard trying to get an initiative (passed)."

Mendonsa wants to be a voice for people too busy to attend meetings. If elected, he would focus on being responsive to residents' concerns.

"At the end of the day that's my job to be their voice," he said.

Mendonsa thinks one area where the city could improve is its partnerships with nonprofit organizations and service groups. He said Roseville should use these groups to assist on projects, which in turn would give organizations more exposure and possibly more volunteers.

He supports the city's efforts to attract a four-year university, adding "we got the eating, the shopping and traffic figured out. It's the education we're lacking."

As a candidate who has worked in and with government, Mendonsa said he understands how to break through bottlenecks.

"I'm a serious candidate who has the time to devote to this office," he said. "I have a vested interest in this city."

So far his endorsements include Republicans for Independence, and he has the support of several local businesses, police officers, friends and family.

Lynda Fioravanti, representing Republicans for Independence, says her group supports Mendonsa because he opposes new regulations that would hurt local jobs or businesses, supports open space, wants better oversight of the Roseville Community Development Corporation and will promote job creation.

"Bottom line, we are endorsing Tracy Mendonsa as he seems like a candidate that will do his homework, read an issue thoroughly, talk to the citizens to receive their feedback and not rubber stamp everything that's presented to council," Fioravanti said.

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