Better than you found it

Reader Input
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Cool and clean, the highest reaches of the Sierra Nevada Mountains stand aloof and unspoiled. Long ago, campers built fire rings — and left the remains of messy wood fires — at high elevations where, today, campfires are prohibited. But sometimes, especially in remote off-trail locations, decades-old campfire rings still mar pristine spots. If you discover one of these old fire rings, you have an opportunity to leave damaged public land better than you found it: position the blackened rocks naturally in the soil, burnt side down, pack out bits of metal and plastic, and disperse the ashes. An easy half-hour’s work refreshes your special alpine nook.

You can make our world better than you found it. The Literacy Support Council of Placer County — a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization serving our communities for over 20 years — needs your help. Join us: become a Reading Booster and provide vital assistance to the Placer Adult Literacy Service (PALS), a program of the Placer County Library since 1985. A hidden but devastating problem, 23 percent of adult Californians (citizens whose first language is English) cannot complete a simple job application form. As a Reading Booster, you can help spread the word: throughout Placer County, PALS offers confidential, one-on-one free reading help.

Make a positive difference. Donate to the Literacy Support Council of Placer County, and remember the council in your estate plans: P.O. Box 5291, Auburn CA 95604-5291; donate online:; and “Like” us on Facebook: