Roseville residents honor victims in Sikh temple shooting

Police, firefighters, congregation come together for memorial
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A tragedy in Wisconsin brought members of the local community together Sunday with a memorial service at the Sikh Temple in Roseville.

Roseville firefighters, police officers, politicians and residents joined the congregation to honor those six lives lost on Aug. 5 when a white supremacist gunman opened fire in a temple in suburban Milwaukee. The shooter later killed himself at the scene.

During the ceremony, special guests Rep. Tom McClintock and Mayor Pauline Roccucci offered their condolences. McClintock also shared some history of Sikh tragedies. Roseville City Council candidates Scott Alvord and Bonnie Gore were also in attendance and spoke to the congregation.

"What a society desires in its citizens are peacefulness, the view that everyone is important and valuable, and the lovingness to take care of our neighbors," Alvord told the group. "Your church fits all these desires and we are so lucky and proud to have you in our community."

Alvord previously met Sikh women during National Night Out in a neighborhood in west Roseville, and they invited him to visit their temple Aug. 12, where he feasted on vegetarian curries.

"They will feed anyone who comes into their kitchen hall day or night," Alvord told the Press Tribune. "Their congregation supplies the food and labor and they truly are a great example of how to love each other, no matter what their belief or value system may be."

Fire Captain Scott Milligan assured the Sikh congregation during Sunday's memorial that firefighters are here to protect them and help as needed.

~ Sena Christian