Spend money elsewhere

Reader Input
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I’m nearing 70 years of age and was born and raised in Roseville. I am against a roundabout on any public street. I do not want to see one built at Oak Street and Washington Boulevard.

Roundabouts may work on private property, such as the Galleria and the Fountains, although I know some people go to the Galleria on the west side and the Fountains on the east side just to avoid the roundabouts.

The previous council members built roads around the city to move traffic smoothly and efficiently. Samples: Six-lane Roseville Parkway, Pleasant Grove, Eureka Road, four-lane Rocky Ridge, Lead Hill. All of these and more have improved traffic flow in Roseville.

The intersections at Main Street and Washington Boulevard, and Oak Street and Washington Boulevard were improved to move traffic and appear to be working very well and should be left alone.

Changing Oak Street and Washington Boulevard may cause several problems, such as: It is currently two lanes in most directions and a roundabout with two lanes may cause accidents; If a one-lane roundabout is used it will back up traffic, especially during rush hour morning and night. Rush hour backup from slow pace or accidents could cause people to drive around or avoid the roundabout; Slow down or accidents may double or triple traffic over the outdated to small Historical Carnegie Bridge; This also may double the traffic on Diamond Oaks, Shasta and Yosemite. People late for work may speed on those streets; (important) Traffic backed up or stranded under the Washington Boulevard underpass could suffer health issues, such as carbon monoxide, ash, heart problems, etc.

I hope the city council will reconsider this idea and spend the money on other needs such as resurfacing Sutter Street and Folsom Road.

Don Nicholas, Roseville