Aplanalp deploys to Afghanistan

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Air Force Staff Sgt. Ryan R. Aplanalp has deployed to Afghanistan to serve in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Enduring Freedom is the official name given to anti-terrorism military operations involving U.S. troops and allied coalition partners. Reserve component members from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces have been mobilized, activated and deployed along with active duty members to support the war against global terrorism. Mission objectives encompass combating the international terrorist network or regime forces outside the borders of the United States. U.S. troops serve in South and Southwest Asia, Central Asia, the Arabian peninsula, islands in the Pacific and other countries.

Aplanalp is an aircrew flight equipment craftsman assigned to the 60th Operations Support Squadron at Travis Air Force Base. The staff sergeant has served in the military for nine years.

Aplanalp graduated in 2001 from Woodcreek High School.

He is the son of Richard Aplanalp and Betty Aplanalp, and stepson of Ed Goldsmith, all of Roseville.