Mama Bootcamp Week 6: One Hot Mama!

By: Stephanie Garcia, Gold Country News Service
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Editor's note: Stephanie Garcia is chronicling her experience doing the six-week Mama Bootcamp program.

As June 20 approached, I was nervous. I knew my hard work had paid off a bit because I felt it in my clothes and saw it in my not-so-round face. Part of me was especially excited because a couple nights before the big measurement day, I inadvertently put on a pair of jeans that I thought were my baggy jeans, but ended up being a bit too tight. Upon closer inspection, I found out that I had grabbed my “I really want to fit into these someday” jeans … and now I do.

So what was I hoping for? Maybe a 10-inch loss? I know for sure, I was anticipating a loss, and any loss would be a welcomed change.

Uncertain, I went in to get measured by Lorri Ann. I was feeling anxious, and on the verge of tears because as you know, I have struggled so much with the food aspect of the program, I wasn’t sure if it was enough.

As she measured my arms, legs, neck, shoulders, thighs, tummy and rump, I was nervous. I quickly found out you can’t suck in hips. As she wrote down each measurement, Lorri was complimenting me “Wow.”

“Great job!”

“Oh, Steph, I’m so proud of you!”

And then she gave me the skinny: In six weeks, I lost a total of 33.25 inches and 14 percent body fat! (Thankfully, she didn’t have a scale in tow, and I would get to bypass that part.)

Happy tears filled my eyes and happy feet jumped up and down. I was immediately flooded with relief and a huge burst of energy. This loss was an instant gain in motivation!

We agreed that I would sign up for six more weeks. After that, I will notify you all in a “before and after” photo and story. This time, I’m going to try my best to eat and journal each and every calorie.

I know that results vary, but speaking from my experience, if there was ever a doubt in my head that Mama Bootcamp wouldn’t work, well I’m living proof that it does — and quickly!

Thank you all for your kind words during this “experiment,” I really appreciate it and it kept me going at times. And to Lorri Ann, you are an inspiration to me and so many mamas out there. Thank you for your continuous encouragement and amazing classes that really work.

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