Obama is not to blame

Reader Input
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Re: Gov’t on a spending spree (Reader Input, May 2). It ceases to amaze me how quick people (Republicans) accuse our current president of creating the current budget deficit.

The letter writer seems to conveniently forget that former president Bush took office in 2001 with more than a billion dollar surplus left to him by a Democratic president and that President Bush immediately squandered that surplus with ill-advised tax cuts, so that by the end of his first year (2002) in office the country was already in a deficit position.

Additionally on attacking Iraq and continuing the war during his entire two terms in office, he avoided including those costs in the national budget, and for the first time during military actions, regardless of which political party the president belonged, no additional taxes were imposed to pay for the military action.

The writer also states that President Obama is responsible for the $15.4 trillion deficit when in his letter he clearly states that there was a $10.6 trillion deficit prior to President Obama taking office. Interesting that he quotes that Tea Party Patriots birthed the second American Revolution to avert impending fiscal disaster, yet the current Tea Party Patriots are demanding less government in their lives, so it would only be fitting that the current members of the Tea Party refuse to accept any Social Security payments due to them and not use any reimbursement from Medicare to assist in medical bills. By doing that it would probably result in both Social Security and Medicare programs to be funded for longer than current projections

Gene Martineau, Roseville