Health care freeloaders

Reader Input
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It amazes me that some of the people bashing “Obamacare” are also some of the ones who do not have health insurance. They have the mentality that no one has the right to tell them to do anything. Excuse me! I have been subsidizing the health care of these people ever since I began paying taxes and insurance premiums.

Hospitals and emergency rooms must treat anyone who walks through their doors. Those without insurance can’t pay the $10,000 or more it costs for many serious illnesses or injuries, so the cost is passed on to me through higher premiums and taxes.

I am sick and tired of subsidizing these irresponsible people. After 2014 when much of the Affordable Health Care Act takes effect, they will have to take responsibility for their own health or face penalties. This is only fair. Also, millions of deserving, hard working poor will be able to afford health care for the first time through the insurance exchange program.

At one Congressman McClintock forum, I heard screams of “communism” every time affordable health care was mentioned. It seems that the loudest screamers were those who want to keep health care as a privilege for just the wealthy. They must believe that this is needed to maintain class separation. There are other ways to maintain this distinction. I say that health care is a basic human right of every American — rich or poor.

Herb Tanimoto, Cool