Agape launches "Raise Her Ransom" effort to fight sex-trafficking

Group asking 2,000 men to donate $100 to cause
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An anti-sex-trafficking group is asking men, especially fathers, to become involved in the Raise Her Ransom fundraising effort.

Agape International Missions recently launched a fundraising campaign to collect $200,000 by Father's Day on June 17 to fund the group's expenses for six months in Cambodia. The Roseville-based nonprofit organization works in Svay Pak, a small village considered one of the world's major sex-trafficking hubs.

"It's a battle every day to save these young girls, and we need everyday heroes like fathers and their families to make it a reality," said Agape's Executive Director Don Brewster, in a press release. "Very simply, we need to save as many girls as possible from sex-trafficking." 

Agape is asking 2,000 men to donate $100 each, which will help ransom a girl from sex-trafficking and poverty for a year. UNICEF estimates 1 million children enter the sex trade annually.

The Agape Restoration Center offers a safe home for girls rescued from sex-trafficking in Svay Pak. The center provides physical, psychosocial, educational, vocational and spiritual needs to help the girls reintegrate into society, according to the release.

Agape also has two community centers in Cambodia with a school, church, health clinic and kids' club. The nonprofit also operates The Lord's Gym, a free workout center where staff shares information about sex-trafficking.

"All of these efforts are critical to combating the problem - and each program depends on the success of the others," Brewster said.

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~ Sena Christian