Flip flop king?

Reader Input
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Re: “Romney PC to a fault” (Press Tribune, June 27):

The letter from Geary C. Tiffany from Auburn about Mitt Romney was ridiculous. The king of flip flops is the current president who has voted against increasing the debt limit; then supported raising it.

He  campaigned against the Bush tax cuts; then extended all of them.
Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term; then proposed trillion dollar deficits.

He vowed the unemployment rate would be below 8 percent if his stimulus was passed; but then it broke 10 percent.

He promised shovel-ready jobs; then admitted they weren’t shovel-ready.
Obama said if you like your health plan you can keep it; but then threw seniors off Medicare Plus and employers are now saying they’ll dump people onto the public exchange.

He promised to have health care negotiations on live TV, but then reversed himself.

Obama indicated Bush violated the Constitution; then carried out warrantless wiretaps, indefinite detentions, secret renditions, quadrupled drone attacks, and kept Guantanamo Bay open. He voted against the Patriot Act, but then supported its extension.

He said lobbyists wouldn’t work in the White House; then gave them waivers to work there.

Obama supported same-sex marriage when he was a state Senator representing Chicago, Ill., but changed his position before running statewide for the U.S. Senate, where opposition to same-sex marriage would be more favorable to winning election.

Is Obama really in charge, or his far-left, Chicago gangster thugs calling the shots?

D. Deleon, Roseville