Chew on This: The best pizza in Roseville

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Our readers sent in their favorite places to grab a slice for this month's Chew on This feature.

Z Pizza

3984 Douglas Blvd., Roseville (Renaissance Creek Shopping Center)

"Their pies are soooo good, loaded with fresh toppings, and comes on a wheat crust that is to die for! The pizzas have so many healthy options to choose from that you never have to feel guilty about indulging in an all-time favorite like pizza! As an extra bonus, the staff is super and the pies are delivered fast, hot and fresh. What more could you ask for?"

~ The Campbell-Kill family, Roseville

"Our family's favorite place for pizza, hands down, is Z Pizza. The ingredients are all natural or certified organic. If there is such a thing as 'light' pizza this is it - you can taste the freshness, yet it is hearty and filling without feeling heavy, and very true to the pizza we enjoyed as we toured Rome, Florence and the Tuscany region of Italy a few years ago. YUM! Sometimes we eat there, but more often we run in and grab a couple pieces of choice from the pizza that is ready and waiting. If we have kids over, we'll have the pizza delivered and it is always a special treat when Z Pizza arrives and the kids dig in! They love it! We love it! Pizza without the guilt! (They also have a gluten free crust that is very good!) The staff is friendly and courteous. It's a small restaurant - seems they put their money into the fresh, natural, organic ingredients rather than the 'digs.' Grazi Z Pizza!"

~ Jeannie Gandler, Granite Bay

Papa Murphy's

5020 Foothills Blvd., Roseville

"I think the best pizza is the stuffed pizza at the Papa Murphy's on Foothills Boulevard in Roseville. It's filled full with ingredients, it's juicy, the crust is fresh and tasty. Besides, the employees there work very hard and are extremely personable."

~ Melinda Hawkes, Roseville

Cool River Pizza

1805 Cirby Way, Roseville

"I like Cool River Pizza on Cirby/Rocky Ridge the best. They have a great daily lunch special, as well."

~ Joe Landon, Roseville

California Pizza Kitchen

1190 Roseville Parkway (The Fountains at Roseville)

"I HAD to respond to this one. My husband is a Pizza Freak. I've been sharing pizza with him for just about 50 years from one side of the country to the other. Wherever we go, he's always in pursuit of a new pizza taste. So far, there hasn't been a pizza he doesn't like. (I call him a 'Pizza Tramp!') He gets hungry for different pizzas for different reasons (crust, sauce, pepperoni). I've witnessed him speak to the owner of one pizza shop commenting on the similarity of the sauce from another only to find the owner used to work there. His favorite by far is Amici's but just a bit too far to drive for a Friday night pizza date. In the Roseville/Granite Bay area, we both agree California Pizza Kitchen can't be beat. Their mushroom pizza is the best."

~ Sue Fone, Roseville

Master Pizza

1950 Douglas Blvd., Roseville

"Since I was 2 years old, Master Pizza became our Friday night dinner, with a Star Wars movie. Today, our Friday nights are known as 'Pizza Sci-Fi.' My favorite Master Pizza is the Pepperoni Pizza, served with lots of pepperoni. I am writing this article between each bite of pizza. Here is what I am experiencing: As I sink my teeth into the soft crust of pepperoni pizza, my tongue does happy flips. With each bite my taste buds take me on a journey to Italy. The red sauce is tangy, and with the pepperoni it's like a volcano of spices and cheese. After my Master Pizza pizza, my tummy is full and my face is smiling. I give Master Pizza five slices of pizza out of five slices. My Mom gives Master Pizza two thumbs up on the wallet.

~ Emma Marie Boyle, age 8, Roseville


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