Yuba City district hands down suspensions in wake of baseball fight

Expulsions possible as investigation continues; San Juan expects decision next week
By: Bill Poindexter/Roseville Press Tribune Sports Editor
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Yuba City Unified School District has handed down suspensions following a brawl that occurred during the Yuba City-Del Campo JV baseball game Monday at Granite Bay High School, but expulsions and action against parents and coaches has yet to occur because of a continuing investigation.

District Superintendent Nancy Aaberg said Thursday she couldn’t disclose the amount of suspensions and that expulsions are issued at the discretion of the board. Following an expulsion hearing with parents and children, a panel hears a recommendation and makes its recommendation to the board.

“There is a due process procedure,” Aaberg said. “At this point, that’s still part of the investigation.”

The incident occurred during a tournament game and was captured on video, totaling nearly four minutes. It was posted on YouTube on Monday.

The video shows Yuba City players racing from their third-base dugout across the diamond to the first-base side, where punches were thrown for about 20 seconds before coaches and officials separated the players.

The video doesn’t show how the incident started, but the Marysville Appeal-Democrat reported on its website the fight happened in the sixth inning when Yuba City pitcher Jaylon Deas threw the ball at Del Campo’s first-base coach and then charged the coach in response to the coach making comments toward the Yuba City dugout.

Trent Allen, senior director of community relations with the San Juan Unified School District, said Thursday its decision on any punishment likely would come early next week. San Juan is on spring break this week.

“We’re regrouping everybody to review everything,” Allen said.

At least three Yuba City players who threw punches were identifiable by jersey number on the video, and a handful of adults went onto the infield. One female Yuba City supporter slung obscenities at an unidentified male who ordered her to leave the park.

Aaberg said schools can take action against parents, including limiting parent participation and taking an issue to law enforcement if appropriate.

“But again, none of that has been resolved,” she said.

There didn’t appear to be any injuries, and no call for service was received at the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, public information officer Dena Erwin said Wednesday.

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