Wow your loved ones with these luxury gifts

By: Margaret Snider Granite Bay View
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This Christmas, why not give an awe-inspiring gift? You know, the things no one would ever think of getting for themselves. Whether a family getaway vacation or a thoughtful framed piece of personal memorabilia, these are the type of presents your loved ones will remember.

And with gifts like these, you’ll find it’s more fun to give than it is to receive.

New wheels

When you think of a luxury gift, what could be more luxurious, and potentially more surprising, than a new car?

While the week before Christmas is the busiest time for a lot of businesses, the week after is usually the busiest week of the year for Turner Volvo.

“People always ask you when is the right time to buy a car and you hear different things,” said Casey Turner, general manager of Turner Volvo in Sacramento. “I would say nowadays it’s perpetually a good time to buy a car because interest rates are so very low.”

According to Turner, the car population is the oldest it has ever been.
“The average vehicle is 10 years old right now,” Turner said. “Everybody’s fixing, repairing, and now we’re seeing that they’re just getting to a point where it’s much better to purchase a new one or a certified pre-owned car.”

One interesting possibility for a Christmas gift combines both travel and a new car. It is Volvo’s Overseas Delivery Program, “a vacation where the car of your dreams is the souvenir and part of an unforgettable experience” per the Volvo website.

“People order a car to their exact specs and then they get to go on a trip to Europe,” Turner said. “Basically, Volvo pays for air fare and you get a night in a hotel in Sweden and a tour of the factory. It’s been a popular choice for many people this year due to the short supply of inventory.”

Casey Turner is the third generation in the Turner Volvo line. His grandfather Gordon Turner founded the dealership, and his father Patrick Turner is the dealer principal.

Turner Volvo
Address: 2535 Arden Way, Sacramento
Phone: (916) 488-2400

Sparkle and shine

Jewelry is a gift that is most welcome and also has an objective value that may increase with time. It can be a symbol of regard for the person to whom it is given. A jewelry store holds many opportunities for that very special type of Christmas gift, in a wide range of price, for both men and women.

Robert Hewitt, manager of DeVons Jewelers at the Galleria store in Roseville, would recommend a nice watch for a man. The store also carries a variety of different styles of rings and bracelets for men.

“The most luxury watch would be Rolex,” he said. “They vary from $5,000 and above.”

For women, diamonds are always a good choice. The store carries many styles of earrings, rings and necklaces, and there is also a sterling silver line.

If it is supposed to be a surprise, Hewitt said, play around on the computer and ask what the person thinks of this or that.

“Or find some catalogs,” Hewitt said. “Leave them on the counter and see if they take an interest in any of it.”

The Merksamer family started DeVons Jewelers in 1929 in Sacramento, and the store still remains in the family. Headquartered in Sacramento, DeVons operates 14 fine jewelry stores in Northern California, Nevada and Oregon.

DeVons Jewelers
Address: Galleria at Roseville, 1151 Galleria Blvd. Suite 107, Roseville
Phone: (916) 788-4150

Pack your bags

A holiday gift of travel is one that will create lifelong memories. There are many forms the travel can take.

“Cruising is really popular,” said Vacation Sales Specialist Tonda Snyder, who has been with AAA Travel in Roseville for 25 years. “I think it’s the value of having a lot included.”

Disneyland is an ever popular destination.

“Some families will surprise their children with the gift of Disneyland,” Snyder said. “They’ll open their gift Christmas morning and then pack the kids up and off they go, same day.”

A gift of future travel is a good choice, also. Sometimes grandparents will give a vacation to their children, or for the entire family, grandparents, children and grandchildren.

“I think it’s just a gift that continues to give because of the memories that are created,” Snyder said.

Some plan for the whole family to be away for the holidays.

“It’s a beautiful time to be away, but you have to buckle up for it,” Snyder said. “South America, Australia, New Zealand are fabulous in the wintertime.”

Whether it is a simple trip or a vacation in Europe, it doesn’t matter where you are going, you will make lasting memories together.

AAA Travel
Address: 1850 Douglas Blvd., Suite 406, Roseville, in T.J. Maxx Shopping Center
Phone: (916) 724-0332

Make it a work of art

Art can seem to take the spirit into another realm, provide fuel for infinite thought, and can beautify a living space. As well, framing can be an art form in itself.

Granite Galleries in Granite Bay has put Italian face masks in elaborate frames. They have displayed a full sized kimono in a T-shaped frame with the arms out.

“We do a lot of fun, unique, creative ways of hanging things that are important to people,” said Janet Anton, who with her husband Mark started collecting art years ago. That evolved into the gallery.

Football and baseball jerseys, stitcheries — anything that people want to commemorate and remember can be put in a frame. One family wanted to celebrate their daughter’s accomplishments in field hockey.

“They brought the jersey in, her field hockey stick and some of the awards that she had won and a photograph of the girl in her uniform,” Anton said. “We put that all in one big collage and (they) gave her that for Christmas.”

Granite Galleries has also framed a guitar signed by one of the Eagles.

“We encased the guitar in a shadowbox frame,” Anton said. “We created a door on it so they could open it up and play the guitar still if they wanted to.”

With more than 4,000 frame samples, and the Antons’ creativity, there are a lot of choices.
The gallery has art work from over 100 artists, from Thomas Kinkade with his worlds of light, to decorative work that can liven up a room, to Victor Ostrovsky, former Israeli Mossad officer with his paintings full of “metaphors of espionage.”

There is something for every taste and mood.

Granite Galleries
Address: 4120 Douglas Blvd. Suite 303, Granite Bay
Phone: (916) 791-2502