Working in a workout ? how busy moms can stay fit

By: Stephanie Garcia Gold Country News Service
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Kids are a bundle of energy, and if you?re a busy mom, you could probably use an energy boost. Why not ditch the caffeine for a workout with the kids? The Little Gym of Placer County is a great place to enjoy a light workout with your little one in a big, bright gym full of colorful floor mats, gymnastic equipment, balls and bubbles. Get moving with your baby or toddler and watch them crawl, stretch, dance, and drum to music. Founder Darci Pierce started The Little Gym nine years ago. She was traveling for business during Sept. 11, 2001, and found herself stuck in Atlanta, with no flights available to get home. The experience made her realize that she wanted to do something different. ?I really wanted to do something that was more meaningful,? she said. After her second child was born, she joined a mommy group and learned about The Little Gym franchise. Darci has been an athlete her whole life, so the transition was a natural one. ?I believe kids learn from watching their parents and if they grow up in a physical, active home, they will maintain that lifestyle,? she said. Nine years later, she has customers traveling from as far as Plumas Lake to take part in the services she provides. Based in Roseville near the Westfield Galleria at Roseville, Pierce offers a variety of classes for kids aged four months to 12 years old. The gym is open seven days a week and is available for birthday parties. ?We have serious fun here!? Pierce said. Rochelle deBrito has been bringing her son to the gym since he was about five months old. ?It?s a great way to meet other moms,? said deBrito, who commutes once a week from Wheatland with her 11-month-old son, Zachaary. ?The interaction, the teachers and the parents are all so friendly. There?s nothing else like it where I live. I?ve met some really good friends here.? Staying fit with your children is a great bonding experience, but if your idea of a good workout includes leaving the kids at home, Mama Bootcamp might be a great option for you. Whether you?re looking to shed that stubborn baby weight, maintain your fitness, tone up a bit just in time for summer, or shed some serious pounds, a session with Mama Bootcamp founder Lorri Ann Code is sure get your attention. A mom of three teenagers, Code is passionate about getting moms fit. ?As moms, we do everything for everyone else and tend to put our needs last,? Code said. ?I want moms to get their mojo back!? A fitness buff her entire life, Code?s classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness from new recruits to seasoned veterans. And if you think you?re not going to fit in ? think again. All classes are taught by former Mama Bootcamp students who grew to love the classes so much, they were compelled to teach others. ?It?s more than just a workout,? added Code, who is also a life coach. ?It?s a program for moms to really find themselves again.? Mama Bootcamp features a complete program including food plans, body fat testing, measurements, SMART (specific, measurable, action, rewarding self, time) goals, and a variety of classes which are offered seven days a week. And the results have been amazing. Since opening her business five years ago, Lorri has seen several moms shed some serious inches and more importantly gain confidence and find happiness again. ---------- Follow writer Stephanie Garcia as she takes the six-week Mama Bootcamp program by clicking the links below.