Woodcreek students selling compost bins for competition

‘Green Bandits’ have chance to win $30,000
By: Sena Christian, Staff Reporter
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To learn more about vermicomposting or order a bin, visit the group’s website at

Six Woodcreek High School “Green Bandits” are competing in the championship round of the national Lexus Eco Challenge for a chance to win $30,000.

They are competing against 15 other teams. If the Green Bandits win, $10,000 will go to the Woodcreek Nature Center, which provides free educational programs for local elementary students.

The Green Bandits were tasked with finding an innovative way to reduce global warming, and decided to focus on vermicomposting, which means composting with the help of some very hungry worms.

“Our team chose to reduce greenhouse gases by removing waste from the landfills,” said science teacher and adviser Kendra Grinsell, in a press release. “Anaerobic decomposition of waste in landfills produces a very powerful greenhouse gas called methane. Forty-eight percent of the waste sent to landfills is organic waste that can be broken down through ‘backyard’ composting, which does not produce methane.”

The Green Bandits used money raised in the preliminary round of the contest to make worm bins and buy worms to donate to schools in Roseville and neighboring cities. Their goal is to donate 50 bins and show people how easy it is to start composting at home.

They are also selling bins for $25. The bins cost $45 to make, and the students got a worm supplier to supply worms at half cost to help with the competition.