Woodcreek senior writes own ticket

Her college search, begun at age 9, is focused on East Coast universities
By: Megan Wood The Press-Tribune
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Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of articles highlighting high school seniors in attendance at Roseville and Granite Bay high schools. The students selected for the series were chosen by their school principals as students to watch throughout the school year. Bailey Marshall is elbow deep in college applications, but she’s used to essay and letter writing to college boards. Marshall has had her eyes set on college since the fourth grade. “I started writing letters to the president of Harvard when I was 9,” Marshall said. “I told him to keep a file on me for when I was older.” As a child, Marshall had asked her father his opinion of the best college. As a joke at the time he said Harvard. What followed was nine years of correspondence. “I even got responses, most of them are from (Harvard) President (Lawrence) Summers telling me to keep up the good work,” Marshall said. “Of course, I saved them all.” According to Woodcreek Advanced Placement literature and composition teacher Kathy Eisenhower, that is classic “Bailey” behavior. A passionate student, Marshall is very driven when it comes to her goals and her schoolwork, Eisenhower said. Last summer, prior to her enrollment in Eisenhower’s class, Marshall embarked on a 10-day literature tour through Europe with eight of her peers to visit the landmarks of classic literature. “She was like a sponge. She soaked up every piece of information possible,” Eisenhower said. “She was so enthusiastic to learn, she’s remarkable.” Being president of Key Club and involvement in the National Honors society keeps Marshall busy as it is, but Advanced Placement courses and her position as co-editor of the Wolfpack Press, Woodcreek’s school newspaper, means Marshall is often still at school well after dark. In what spare time is left, she enjoys reading, hunting down stories for the newspaper and hanging out with friends. “She has always given it her all, she’s always had a focus and a goal,” Marshall’s mother said. Marshall said her focus this year is completely on her college applications. Her goal is to do her absolute best so that when the acceptance or rejection letters come pouring in she will be confident in knowing she gave her all. “At the end of the year I want to be able to say that I gave 100 percent of my effort 100 percent of the time and be proud of the work I put in,” Marshall said. This fall Marshall will be applying to a shopping list of colleges including Dartmouth, New York University, Boston College, Columbia and Duke. After spending the last several years in California, Marshall has decided, true to her nature, to experience something new and head east. “It’ll be a challenge to be so far away from home, but I’ve always wanted to be in that environment, surrounded by people who want to learn,” Marshall said. There is no doubt in Eisenhower’s mind that Bailey will be successful in college. According to Eisenhower, Marshall is one of the most intellectual students she has ever seen. As a junior, Marshall scored a 5, the highest score possible, in the advanced placement language and composition exam. “She’s very graceful and humble when it comes to her successes,” Eisenhower said. “She is destined for greatness, I can’t wait to see what she will achieve.”