Woman cited for scuffle at dog park

A Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy reportedly throws punch at citizen
By: Josh Fernandez The Press Tribune
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A Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy was cited for grabbing a woman from behind, turning her around and then punching her in the face after their dogs got into a spat at a Roseville dog park. According to Roseville police Lt. Mike Doane, a disturbance involving two citizens took place at about 6:30 p.m. Friday at the Bear Dog Park on Pleasant Grove Boulevard. It led to a physical confrontation that left one woman with a bruised jaw. “One group of dogs (was) aggressive,” Doane said. “And the smaller dog’s owner got the aggressive dogs away.” The owner of the smaller dog was Roseville resident Shelly Riley, a party planner/model for Playboy Magazine. The owner of the allegedly aggressive dogs was 32-year-old Monica Chavez, an off-duty Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy. Chavez confronted Riley by grabbing and then punching her one time after Riley tried to break up the dog fight. “The citizen who was punched filed a citizen’s arrest,” Doane said. Chavez was cited for battery and released. Spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Tim Curran said that as a result of her citation, Chavez is working on modified duty (in the office) until the outcome of the investigation. Riley said Tuesday she is still shaken by the attack. And she’s equally dumbfounded that she was punched by a law enforcement official. “I didn’t find out until the next day,” she said. “I thought they were supposed to serve and protect, not serve and attack.” But Riley says it doesn’t bother her that Chavez is still allowed to work while under investigation. “Maybe she should just be sitting back, answering phones and doing the crappy jobs that nobody wants to do,” she said. Riley said she plans to file a civil suit when she returns from a work related trip.